10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 3, 2023

Spring is right around the corner, and with that, we can expect some killer tunes.

This week, in particular, was incredible in the music sphere. From a whole new album, courtesy of everyone's fave Morgan Wallen, to an official album from Daisy Jones & The Six, there are tons of new tracks to listen to. Interested in finding out about our faves? Here are 10 big things that happened in music the week of March 3, 2023.

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1. Benson Boone Drops Catchy New Single 'Sugar Sweet'

If you're a fan of American Idol, you might recognize Benson Boone from his short stint on the show, where he made the hard decision to leave on his own terms—but that wasn't until after Katy Perry predicted he would win the entire thing! His decision just goes to show how big of a star he is, and we think he's going places, all thanks to his new single and music video "Sugar Sweet." The playful song goes hand-in-hand with the music video shot in Hawaii, and we just can't seem to get the chorus out of our heads (no complaints here). "I hope that when people listen to 'Sugar Sweet,' they feel even just a drop more confidence to stand up to people in their lives that might push them down," Benson shared in an interview with Sweety High. "That's what it means to me and I want listeners to feel their own interpretation of that feeling."


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2. Daisy Jones & The Six Drop Stellar Album Aurora

If you read Taylor Jenkins Reid'Daisy Jones & The Six, you might be a bit confused. How did a fictional band come out with a real album? Well, ever since the book was turned into a show, the team behind it all formed a real band, performed by the actors in the show themselves. When the show was released on Amazon Prime, the official album, Aurora, also dropped. It features 11 songs in total, and we're big fans of "Regret Me" and "Look At Us Now." "We finally have Aurora," Taylor Jenkins Reid shared in a statement to Rolling Stone. "A stunning, nostalgic, timeless album that captures the drama, pathos, and yearning of the band's zenith and nadir all in one. A snapshot of time, intoxicating and dangerous. That delicious moment that you know can't last… Daisy Jones and The Six are real. And they are better than my wildest dreams."


3. Aussie Singer-Songwriter Ruel Comes Out With New Album 4TH WALL

Aussie pop artist Ruel just released his brand new album 4th Wall, and wow are we impressed. The album features 14 songs you won't want to miss, but our favorites have to be "MUST BE NICE" and "I DON'T WANNA BE LIKE YOU." We're loving what Ruel brought to the table with this album, from its relatable lyrics to catchy beats. "I wanted to write an album where there's something everyone can relate to," Ruel stated in a press release. "I love to write about things I've experienced personally but I also love to take inspiration from anything and everything that I see happening around me, either directly or indirectly. Often, I'll put myself in someone else shoes and play out different scenarios in my head to imagine how they might feel and then write from their perspective. I love the freedom this method gives me because sometimes it's hard to find inspiration when you're stuck living in a tour bus for months on end."


4. J-Pop Group SG5 Releases 'Firetruck'

Sailor Moon-themed J-pop group SG5 is one of the best girl groups at the moment, and we can't get over how amazing their new single "Firetruck" is. The group consists of five members SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU and KAEDE, and with an empowering anthem and confident message, their new single "Firetruck" is one we've been listening to on repeat. "'Firetruck' is a song that empowers women around the world," SG5 shared in an interview with Sweety High. "The song compares the beauty of every woman to a "flame" that is so strong that firetrucks must be called. Each and every woman in the world has her own unique 'flame,' and this song gives the confidence to be proud of themselves and to not be shy to express that beauty."


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5. Ella Vos Drops New Album SUPERGLUE

Singer-songwriter Ella Vos just dropped her new album SUPERGLUE, and we think it's well worth a listen. It's comprised of 10 tracks including "Mindreader," "Glitter and Tears" and "Baby Fever," and each song offers a take on the earth's elements: fire, earth, water and air. It's unlike anything we've listened to, and we can't get over the transformations made so evident in the lyrics. "As I began a new chapter of my life, the writing that resulted was from a place of healing," Vos shared in a press release. "So many defining moments have happened since the start of my career: I became a mother, battled postpartum depression, was diagnosed with cancer and a chronic illness, and got divorced. In some ways, when I started to pursue my dreams, my life as I knew it fell apart. But the result of the 'falling apart' is the beautiful new life that has grown up through the ashes."


6. Milky Chance Shares New Single 'Frequency Of Love'

German duo Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch of Milky Chance just dropped their new single "Frequency Of Love," and we're in awe. This comes before the release of their new album, Living In A Haze, out June 9, and if this single is any indication as to what we can expect for the full album, we are in for quite the treat. "Frequency Of Love" is full of pensive lyrics and a cheerful sound, and we love every second of it. "In the writing and production process of this album, we really wanted to try out new things, and dig a little deeper musically and this song was an exciting outcome of it," Clemens Rehbein of Milky Chance shared in a press release. "It gives a hint of the range and different directions that we've been going with this album."


7. Suki Waterhouse Stuns With 'To Love'

Suki Waterhouse (who also happens to be in the hit show Daisy Jones & The Six), just dropped another killer single, "To Love," and it's everything we could have ever wanted and more. Her ethereal, out-of-this-world sound is truly unmatched in the song, and it's got the vibiest beat ever"'To Love' is a song that I wrote really recently that I was going to wait to put out on my second album, but I felt like it is a very distinct portrait of my heart right now that I wanted to share," Suki shared in a press release. "I started performing it on tour and got so excited that I wanted to share it with everyone."


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8. Steve Aoki, Galantis and Hayley Kiyoko Team Up for 'Hungry Heart'

What do you get when powerhouses Steve Aoki, Galantis and Hayley Kiyoko team up for a song? Magic, that's what! Their new collab, "Hungry Heart," is a dance-pop track that fans of EDM and pop will fall in love with. The group's efforts are truly unmatched, and we can only hope they plan to do something in the future together again. "'Hungry Heart' is a song that captures the desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves," Steve Aoki stated in a press release. "We all share that hunger inside. For me, that hunger is creating community and bringing people together. I loved collaborating with Galantis and Hayley because they both give so much energy to the track and its message. This is the kind of song that lights a fire in your soul."


9. Demi Lovato Is Back and Better Than Ever With 'Still Alive'

If you're a fan of the iconic Scream movies, you need to give a listen to Demi Lovato's new song "Still Alive." The original song was made for the new film SCREAM VI, and even comes with a music video. In the video, Demi attends a screening of the movie, only to be haunted down by Ghostface. The song itself is catchy in true Demi fashion, and we've been singing the lyrics right alongside her with each and every listen. "I couldn't think of a more perfect home for 'Still Alive' than within the Scream universe," Demi shared in a press release. "I'm a huge fan of the films, so it's an honor to contribute to such an iconic horror franchise."


10. Country Superstar Morgan Wallen Wows Fans With New Album One Thing At A Time

Pause what you're doing—drop your phone, stop working and listen to Morgan Wallen's new album One Thing At A Time right now! The album is comprised of a whopping 36 songs and will take you about two hours to get through, but trust us when we say it will be 100% worth it. Morgan is the country artist of the moment, and we are living for his single "You Proof" as well as the songs "Devil Don't Know," Thinkin' Bout Me" and "Whiskey Friends." In a press release about the new album, Morgan shared, "My Mamaw Boots helped raise me. I had such a special bond with her, so I wanted to honor her with this new record." We love a southern gentleman!


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