10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of May 28, 2021

With the release of Olivia Rodrigo'Sour last week, we knew we were going to be pretty busy listening to the album.

It quickly blew up the charts (to no surprise) and we thought there was no way this week could top it. But guess what? Newcomers and established artists alike dropped some seriously major content, and we're thrilled. Interested in hearing some fun new beats? Keep scrolling for 10 big things that happened in music the week of May 28, 2021.

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1. 14-Year-Old Prentiss Stuns With New Single, 'i'll do it again'

When the likes of Justin Bieber and Skrillex are fans of a newcomer, you know they must be good. And after listening to 14-year old Prentiss's new single "I'll Do It Again," we can say without a doubt that we are his biggest fans. His voice is so soothing and reminds us of when Post Malone was younger—seriously, he'that good. In the music video, he seems to be wandering around, and we truly wish we were there to hang out with him. Prentiss, can we be friends?


2. America's Next Top Model Alum Courtney Paige Nelson Drops EP, Fever Dream

If you're a fan of the show America's Next Top Model, we're willing to bet you know who Courtney Paige Nelson is. After realizing her modeling career wasn't what she wanted in life, she turned to her true passion—music. Her new EP shows just how talented she is, and we're loving each track on the album, Fever Dream. In an interview with Sweety High about the EP, Courtney gave us some info about her favorite song, "Senses": "I wrote this song about the five senses we have: sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and how they get triggered when you lose someone important to you. I took that concept and wrote lyrics that cover all five in different parts of the song."


3. Country Star Kidd G Is Super Relatable With New Single and Music Video for 'Break Up Song'

Kidd G., country singer and fast-rising star, just dropped the music video for his new single, "Break Up Song." If you have an ex, whether you miss them or hate them, this song will be your new jam! It's easy and fun to sing along to, and the video itself features Kidd G. asking real people what they would tell their exes. It's funny, heart-warming and an all-around good time. We definitely plan on playing this on repeat all summer long!


4. Audrey Mika Gets Emotional With New Song and Music Video for 'Alive'

Before Audrey Mika was a singer, dancing was her passion, and it shows in the stunning new music video for "Alive." Upon watching it, we were met with literal goosebumps. It's a song that will give you all the feels and give you that overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. "I think that dancing adds vulnerability and I felt it went hand in hand with this song," Audrey shared in a press release. "The dancing, the singing, and the lyrics show all the different sides of me and who I am. And I hope I can share, and inspire others to do the same and show them that they can trust themselves when things become uncomfortable."


5. Sam Fischer Collabs With Sam Feldt on New Single 'Pick Me Up'

Sam Fischer and Sam Feldt teamed up to make the stellar song, "Pick Me Up," and it's quickly been added to our music rotation. It's the perfect song to dance around to with your best friends, and that's exactly what we plan on doing this weekend! We can't help but smile when this plays, and we think it will be the same for you, too. In an interview about the track, Sam Fischer told Sweety High, "Let yourself feel this song and dance like you've been kept inside for a year and you're finally allowed out on the dancefloor with every person you love."


6. Pop Artist Ronnie Watts Drops New Single, 'Car Ride Home'

Pop artist Ronnie Watts just dropped her latest single, "Car Ride Home," and it's everything we hoped for and more. She's a rising talent that we've had our eyes on for quite some time, and if this song is a precursor for the music to come, we cannot wait! "The song really came together for me when I wrote the lyric 'things are prettier from farther away'," Ronnie explained in a press release. "Especially with social media, it's really easy to romanticize people and make up whatever about them to fit what you want. Everything seems way prettier when people only see the surface of your life, and not the cracks underneath."


7. The Voice Winner Brynn Cartelli Releases EP, Based On a True Story

Brynn Cartelli won season 14 of The Voice, and she's only just getting started. With the new release of her EP, Based On a True Story, we've become even bigger fans, if that's even possible. The collection of six raw, truly stunning tracks will take you on a tour of her mind and life. "I'm gonna let the songs speak for themselves. They tell the stories of my life and discuss things I've never really talked about before," Brynn explained in an interview with Sweety High. "That's why it's quite terrifying to release it. It's coming down to the wire right now, where everything's getting very anxious. It's a very strange feeling. But the songs are going to tell you the rest of whatever you want to know."


8. Sigrid Wows With New Single and Music Video for 'Mirror'

If you're into disco pop, you'll absolutely love Sigrid. She's the modern pop star we've all been waiting for, and with the release of her new music video and single, "Mirror," we're her biggest fans. The video itself follows Sigrid running and dancing, having an inner battle with herself. It's something we can all relate to. "We wanted to explore how conflicting it can feel to have different sides of yourself competing against each other, and not working together, Sigrid explained in a press release. "And as I can't stand still whilst singing, there's a lot of dancing, running, driving…"


9. JoJo Comes Out With New Single and Music Video for 'Creature of Habit'

Our girl JoJo has been a favorite of ours for years and years, and when we found out she was releasing a new music video and single, we couldn't wait for it to drop. Now that "Creature of Habit" is finally here, we can say without a doubt it's 100% the true and iconic version of JoJo we've all come to know and love. This R&B and pop-infused song gives us major throwback vibes, and we're loving every second of it! Make sure to watch the music video, where JoJo can be seen in some killer outfits.


10. Marshmello and Carnage Team Up for New Song, 'Back In Time'

Whenever a new Marshmello song comes out, it's honestly expected to become a banger, and it's no different with "Back In Time"! He teamed up with Carnage for this track, and it's super upbeat, boppy and something we can see ourselves dancing to all night long. The beat drop halfway through the song has major dance party vibes. We dare you to try and not get your groove on!


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