10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of October 1, 2021

We can hardly believe it's already October.

Honestly—where does the time go? With summer gone in the blink of an eye, we're ready to tackle fall. Other than pumpkins, scary movies and lots of yummy food, we're also super excited for some new tunes. Some of our fave artists released new music this week, and you have to give it a listen. Below, you'll find the top 10 things that happened in music the week of Oct. 1, 2021.

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1. Dustystaytrue Drops Killer New Music Video for 'Bottom'

We'll be the first to say it—Dustystaytrue is about to make it big in the music world. And if his latest song and music video for "Bottom" doesn't prove that, we don't know what will! His rap skills are unparalleled and we honestly can't stop listening to this track. It's catchy and makes us want to go out with our besties for a night out on the town.


2. Macy Kate's New Song 'Sugar' Is Inspired by a Toxic Relationship

At just 23-years-old, Macy Kate is already making a name for herself in the music industry. Popular all across social media, Macy has fans all across the globe—us included. Her latest song, "Sugar," made us fall in love with the singer even more, if that's even possible! It's a song inspired by the ending of a toxic relationship she went through, and we think tons of people will be able to relate. In an interview with Sweety High, Macy says, "With this song, in particular, I feel it represents strength and how I overcame a situation. Turning that situation into art was amazing for me."


3. Irish-English Trio, New Rules, Releases Music Video for 'Really Wanna Dance With You'

When we first heard "Really Wanna Dance With You" by the Irish-English trio, New Rules, one listen simply wasn't enough. We immediately pressed repeat and especially enjoyed the banter at the beginning of the music video. Inspired by a real night they went out, this is a song pretty much everyone can get behind. When asked about the origin of their band's name in an interview with Sweety High, they said, "We like to think that there aren't a lot of people out there doing what we're doing, in the sense that we're a pop band but we're also just three music-obsessed best mates who love to write, play and sing. We also think the Dua Lipa song slaps."


4. My Silent Bravery Shows His Vulnerability With 'Kiss Your Mouth'

Matthew Wade, aka, My Silent Bravery, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who needs to be on everyone's radar—especially with the release of his new song, "Kiss Your Mouth." If you're in the mood to be in a good mood, listen to this. If you're missing someone, listen to this! We love this song and think you will, too. In an interview with Sweety High about the song, Matthew said, "The lyrics are centered on a relationship gone wrong and doing whatever it takes to get the one you love back so you can finally give them that long-desired kiss."


5. James Vincent McMorrow Wows Fans With New Single, 'Planes In The Sky'

If you're into vibey, trendy songs, give James Vincent McMorrow's "Planes In The Sky" a listen. It's a good song that gives off even better vibes, and we think it could easily go viral on Spotify and even TikTok. When asked about the song in a press release, James said, "Lyrically it's about what so many of the songs on the record are about, not missing moments."


6. 19-Year-Old Chloe Moriondo Shares Music Video for 'Favorite Band'

Can you believe that Chloe Moriondo is only 19-years-old? At such a young age, she's already accomplished so much in her music career, and she's only just beginning. Take her latest music video, "Favorite Band," for example! Featuring cameos from the likes of bands like Simple Plan, All Time Low and more, it's easy to see where she draws her inspiration.


7. Jeremy Shada Drops Debut Album VINTAGE

If you're a fan of the television show Adventure Time, you might recognize Jeremy Shada's voice, as he voices Finn the Human. Other than a career in acting, Jeremy is also quite the singer! He just dropped his debut album, VINTAGE, and it is everything we wanted and more. Featuring songs like "Pretty Little Lies," "Humphrey Bogart" and "Dancing With Strangers," fans are going to love the album as a whole. "VINTAGE is really something special not only because it's my debut album but because of the overarching theme," Jeremy explains in a press release. "We see a story pan out of a man searching for love. There are ups and downs, loves lost and gained and in the end, a love that lasts a lifetime."


8. JoJo Drops New Album Trying Not to Think About It

Jojo is our dream girl, forever and always. She sings with such sincerity and about songs that matter, that we can't help but love the star. Her latest album, Trying Not to Think About It, is just further proof that she's a force to be reckoned with. Full of tons of bops, "Anxiety (Burlinda's Theme)," has to be our favorite. "Someone once told me that naming your depressed/anxious self and keeping it separate from who you really are can be helpful," Jojo shares in a press release. "So I named mine Burlinda. I haven't conquered my anxiety, but slowly but surely… I'm learning how to work with Burlinda and let her know she is not needed and can take a f***ing seat."


9. Lil Wayne and Rich the Kid Team Up for New Album, Trust Fund Babies

Legendary rapper Lil Wayne teams up with Rich the Kid for a new collab album, Trust Fund Babies. We already like each artist on their own, and together, they make one powerful duo. Some of our favorite tracks off the album include "Feelin' Like Tunechi," "Headlock," "Trust Fund" and "Admit It." The "Feelin' Like Tunechi" music video, in particular, is amazing, funny and a must-watch.


10. Skyler Grey Teams Up With Eminem, Polo G and Mozzy for New Song 'Last One Standing'

This original song was released just in time for the film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage (out today, Oct. 1). Skyler Grey teamed up with Eminem, Polo G and Mozzy for "Last One Standing," and we're in love. From Skyler's elevated vocals to Eminem's stellar rapping skills, this song features it all. We can't wait to see it on the big screen in the new Venom movie!


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