10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 1, 2022

There's just something so relaxing about listening to new music at the end of a long, stressful week.

And this week had some amazing new tunes. From Harry Styles to Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, the guys definitely had their moment. In the mood to listen to new music? Continue below to get a look at the 10 big things that happened in music the week of April 1, 2022.

1. Karley Scott Collins Drops New Song and Music Video for 'Tattoos'

What do you get when you put a feel-good sound with a harsh life lesson? Karley Scott Collins' "Tattoos!" This new song from the artist has a subtle country sound that we can't stop listening to. Not only is the song super relatable, but it's the perfect tear-jerker, too. "'Tattoos' is a song about what it feels like to love and lose somebody, and be stuck with all of the memories you made together," Karley said in an interview with Sweety High. "How the memories feel like tattoos on your heart and that you can't wash them away no matter how much time has passed."


2. Isaac Dunbar Explores Love in 'Tainted Love'

We weren't super familiar with Isaac Dunbar prior to this week, but after listening to "Tainted Love," we can confidently say we're his newest fans. This song is ultra-vibey and has an almost ethereal sound. Give it a listen and try not to dance—we dare you! "'Tainted Love' tells a detailed story of a hot and cold lover I dealt with for almost two years." Isaac shared in a press release. "I explore themes of the highs and lows of romance, how easily love can turn into hate, and hate can turn back into love. It's a song I can dance and cry to."


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3. Sydney Rose and Zachary Knowles Get Together for 'Things That Don't Exist'

Sydney Rose is the artist you need to listen to if you're on the hunt for a rainy day sound, and her latest single with Zachary Knowles, "Things That Don't Exist," is one of our favorite releases of hers yet. The song itself is heartbreaking and bound to make your eyes sting, especially if you relate to the lyrics.  "I was so excited to work on this song and even more excited to work with Zach," Sydney shared in a press release. "Without his creative attributes, the song wouldn't be nearly as perfect as how it ended up being. It's such a beautiful song that tells a melancholy story and I'm so grateful to be a part of telling it."


4. Billy Ray Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and The Avila Brothers Team Up for 'A Hard Working Man'

"A Hard Working Man" is the song you probably didn't know you needed in your life. Featuring the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and The Avila Brothers, this new track is exactly what we'd expect to listen to at a country dance. It's a fun mix of country and rap, and we love the end result. "So much purpose in this song," Billy Ray Cyrus said in a press release. "Music is the common denominator that can bring all people together from different generations, backgrounds, genres, languages or geographical diversities. It's the universal language we all understand."


5. Shawn Mendes Gets Emotionally Vulnerable in 'When You're Gone'

Now that Shawn Mendes is single, his music has definitely gotten more depressing. But honestly—we're not mad about it. He still has the same poppy sound, but with a twist, and his latest song, "When You're Gone," is the perfect thing to listen to on a day when you're missing your ex. Even if you're in an amazing relationship you'll want to sing right along with Shawn. We think this song is going to blow up and we can't wait to see how many millions of streams it racks up.


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6. 5 Seconds of Summer Surprise Fans With 'Take My Hand'

5 Seconds of Summer begins their tour this weekend, and they decided to surprise their fans ahead of it with their brand new single, "Take My Hand." The beat is mellow but still one you can bob your head to. We've listened to it a handful of times already and have added it to our playlists—it's that good! "'Take My Hand' is a song the band is extremely proud of," Luke Hemmings of the band said in a press release. "We're always proud of what we create, but this one is special. This one really feels like the heart of 5SOS. It's about the fear of change in yourself and becoming accustomed to how you've always been. This song speaks on finally embracing that fear and embracing changes, because they're changes for the better. It's about realizing how lucky you are and never letting go of the one who helped you get to that place."


7. Olivia O'Brien Gets Real With 'B****es These Days'

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Girls can be so mean," you are far from alone. Olivia O'Brien feels the exact same way, and she portrays her feelings perfectly in her new single, "B****es These Days." Isn't it just the worst when you find out your "friends" have been talking about you behind your back? Olivia explores that type of situation in her new song, and it's giving off a very pop-punk vibe. If you enjoyed Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U," you'll love this track.


8. Kehlani and Justin Bieber Wow Fans With 'Up At Night'

We love both Kehlani and Justin Bieber separately. But together? They're truly unstoppable. The pair joined forces for "Up At Night," and it's an amazing R&B song. Think of a nightclub with people dancing and this song is probably playing in the background! Kehlani's stunning vocals shine through while Biebs comes in toward the middle of the song. We can't get enough of this hit and plan on listening to it all weekend long.


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9. Machine Gun Kelly Drops Music Video for 'make up sex' Feat. blackbear

Machine Gun Kelly finally released his album, Mainstream Sellout, last week, and on it was the amazing song "make up sex." Made in collaboration with blackbear, we've been listening to this song all week long, but today the music video was released! A lot (and we mean a lot) of cats made appearances in the video, as well as MGK himself and blackbear. It's a fun video that will definitely put a smile on your face, and we think it's worth giving it a watch.


10. Harry Styles Shares New Single and Music Video for 'As It Was'

It seems like it's been ages since Harry Styles has blessed us with new music, but that all changed when he released "As It Was" this week! The upcoming Coachella headliner has been busy, to say the least. On tour and producing new music? Hats off to him! His new song is accompanied by a music video, and saying we're obsessed with it is a total understatement. He manages to be cute, seductive and dreamy, all while wearing a red sequined one-piece.


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