10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of June 3, 2022

Now that it's officially June, there are tons of new summer jams being released left and right.

And this week, in particular, the music world was full of some incredible new songs, albums and music videos. From Post Malone to Maggie Rogers and Christina Aguilera, we can't get over how good everything is! Interested in hearing the best of the best from this week? Here are 10 big things that happened in music the week of June 3, 2022.


1. Nataly Dawn Drops New Album Gardenview

Nataly Dawn is known as being one-half of the indie-pop duo Pomplamoose, but today she's also a talented solo artist, and today she released a new album, Gardenview. Her soulful, retro and indie sound weaves together in each song, and we can't get enough. Our favorite has to be "Joy" because it's so relatable. We love the way she refers to the joy we feel in our lives as a person, making it one artistic, beautiful track. "I'm really bad at letting myself experience happiness," Nataly told Sweety High in an interview about "Joy." "Whenever a moment of joy occurs, there's this little voice that chimes in with, "this won't last," or "you don't deserve this." It's honestly ridiculous how much our brains are wired to block our own happiness. So I wrote this song as a reminder to let myself experience moments of joy to really bask in them and let them in."


2. Jazmine Lucero Stuns With New Song 'Wish They Could'

"Wish They Could" is Jazmine Lucero's latest song, and she's stunned fans with her vibey new hit. Flipping a song that was originally released by Color Me Badd back in the '90s featuring the lyrics "I wanna sex you up," she's put her own modern twist into "Wish They Could." The song itself is upbeat, full of R&B soul and even has a '90s-esque sound. "It's a recognizable song, and I know a lot of artists are tapping into that now," Jazmine shared with Sweety High in an interview. "Jack Harlow just released his new song with 'Glamorous' as the hook. I think it's so cool to do things like that, where people already recognize the song. And ['Wish They Could'] was so fun. I love that song, and I think it's going to get people on their feet. It's cool for all ages—the concept can get a little inappropriate in parts—but I still think overall it's a great song and people are going to enjoy it so much."


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3. Sydney Rose's 'I'll Never Get Over It' Is All About Love and Heartbreak

At just 18-years-old, Sydney Rose has already made quite the name for herself, and with her latest single "I'll Never Get Over It," we have no doubt she's going places. With celeb fans like Olivia Rodrigo, it comes as no surprise that she's becoming a TikTok fave. This song was actually teased back in April on her TikTok, and now that the full version is here, fans can't stop listening to it. Sydney herself has never actually had to deal with that kind of heartbreak, but she wrote this song imagining that feeling, and we love the fresh view she provides. Her dreamy voice paired with the relatable lyrics are just pure perfection. "This song tackles the feelings of still loving someone after a 'mature breakup'—that even though you aren't together, you can still feel like you are in love with them," Sydney shared with Sweety High in an interview. "I hope listeners can find comfort in knowing that their feelings are valid and that a bunch of other people share the same feelings. And that one day, of course, they can get over the feeling."


4. Christian French Channels The Good Times in 'Golden Years' Music Video

If you're on the hunt for a summer jam, we think we've found it for you in Christian French's new single "Golden Years." The pop singer channels the good times we all face in life in the song and its accompanying music video. Shot alongside his friends enjoying things like bowling, road trips and beach days, this music video taps into feelings of bliss and memories many of us might take for granted. "The 'golden years' music video is a collection of good memories from the past, taking you back to what it felt like in late high school, early college—having your first taste of freedom, running around town doing stupid shit with your friends, and falling in love for the first time," Christian shared in a press release. "A lot of the video was shot on 16mm film to capture that 'in the past' feel, and all of it leads back to the idea of nostalgia—a longing for things to feel how they used to. My current life doesn't feel like it's 'adding up' and it feels like my golden years are slipping away from me."


5. New Rules Release New Go The Distance Mixtape

The London-based group New Rules just released their new Go The Distance mixtape, and we're in love. Featuring a total of eight stunning tracks, it's pretty clear after giving the mixtape a listen that they're going places. We're especially into "Love You Like That," and we'd be lying if we said we've only listened to it a handful of times! "Go The Distance is basically eight stories from the last year of our lives," the band shared in a press release. "We feel like it's a new chapter for New Rules and shows a lot of growth from where we started together musically. We hope everyone enjoys the details and can hear a bit of themselves in every track."


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6. Remi Wolf Drops Juno Deluxe Album

Not only did Remi Wolf just drop her Juno Deluxe album, but she also released the music video for "Cake!" We love it when artists revisit past albums, and this deluxe version from Remi provides us with three new tracks and a music video. Her pop music defies genres and can be upbeat and poppy, or dark and sentimental. We love what she's done with the deluxe album and think it's definitely worth a listen. "I wanted the new songs featured on the Juno Deluxe album to act as bookends to the writing process of the Juno era of my life," Remi shared in a press release. "'Fired' and 'Sugar' were both written right before I started seriously working on Juno, while 'Cake' and 'Michael' were written right after the album came out. I have so much nostalgia for these songs. They send me right back to where I was mentally and physically during, before, and after one of the most challenging, creative and interesting times of my life. I hope when you hear them, you see some of yourself in the lyrics and most importantly, dance and sing!"


7. Vory and Kanye West Team Up On 'Daylight'

Kanye West, now known as Ye, will forever be one of the greatest rappers of all time, so whenever we hear he's on a new track, we run to stream it! And that's just the case with Vory's new song "Daylight," which features Ye. The song is the second single off of Vory's upcoming album Lost Souls, and if this is any indication as to what the rest of the album will sound like, we are in for quite the treat.


8. Maggie Rogers Shares Single 'Want Want'

We all know Maggie Rogers thanks to her hit single "Alaska," but if you've been paying attention to the artist over the last few years, you know she has so much more to offer. And with the release of her new single "Want Want," we're once again reminded of her soaring talent. "Want Want" is a fun and upbeat track with a groovy beat and uplifting sound. Not to mention the incredible music video which features Maggie in rocker gear! "'Want Want' started in Maine during the pandemic in a small studio assembled over my parents' garage," shared Maggie in a press release. "I wrote and produced it with my old bandmate, Del Water Gap. It was really just about the fun of it all. Some bubblegum world to escape to in the middle of the isolation and darkness. The song found its final form over the next year and a half, editing and re-editing with Kid Harpoon until we found the perfect knock-your-teeth-out drums, the right growl of the guitar tone. That roaring synth, it's just a Prophet stock sound, but it always reminded me a little bit of the intro to 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath. The right amount of bite that still invites you in. The video is about sensuality. About embodiment. About freedom. It was shot in one of my favorite karaoke bars. Sticky floors and fluorescent lit bathrooms. Everything in its right place."


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9. Christina Aguilera Shares Her Latin Roots With New Album AGUILERA

If you've loved Christina Aguilera ever since her "Genie In A Bottle" days, chances are you've watched her career soar. From early '00s music videos to becoming a pop legend and icon, we will forever worship Christina Aguilera. And to make her career even better, she just released the album AGUILERA, which features a total of 12 songs, all sung in Spanish. So, whether you speak the language yourself or want to hear a new side to the singer, we definitely suggest checking out this new and inspiring album.


10. Post Malone Releases Fourth Studio Album Twelve Carat Toothache

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Post Malone! We sure are, and after listening to his fourth studio album Twelve Carat Toothache, somehow that obsession has gone up a few levels. The talented hip-hop and rap singer never fails to blow us away, and his new album, which features 14 songs, might just be his best material yet. With collaborators like The Weeknd, Roddy Richh, Doja Cat, Gunna, Fleet Foxes and The Kid LAROI, this star-studded album is a must-listen.


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