10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of July 23, 2021

Well folks, it was another wild week in the books in the world of music.

This week in particular was quite the doozy. With new songs from Lorde, Camila Cabello and Khalid, and a "promised" yet unavailable new album from Kanye West, this week was anything but boring. With hits from newcomers and big names, there is some amazing content out there right now. Below, you'll find our top 10 things that happened in music the week of July 23, 2021.

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1. SHAB Debuts Anthemic Music Video for 'Music to My Heart,' Featuring the Martinez Twins

SHAB is known for her effortless, dance-inducing vibes, and they easily come through in her new song and music video for "Music to My Heart." Featuring everyone's favorite Martinez Twins, the song is truly brought to life in the video. With fun dance scenes and sultry looks, this is one you definitely don't want to miss. "'Music To My Heart' is about that perfect and unconditional love of which we all dream," SHAB shared in an interview with Sweety High. "Married to honor, faithfulness, trust, loyalty, integrity and respect, it is a love that makes you want to find a person again in another lifetime."


2. KG Crown Unveils Anti-Bullying Anthem 'Bad'

If you've ever had the displeasure of dealing with bullies, you'll totally relate to KG Crown's new anti-bullying anthem, "Bad." The song is upbeat and way too easy to dance to. We think this is the best song to get ready to with your girlfriends! "So the song is really just a sassy way of standing up for myself and for other people who are being bullied," KG shared in an interview with Sweety High. "There is nothing wrong with a girl pursuing her dreams of becoming a singer and actress." Listen to "Bad" here!


3. Sebastian Javier Drops New Track and Music Video for 'Crystal Ball'

Sebastian Javier is one incredible performer. Last month, he released the original Spanish version of "Crystal Ball," and surprised fans today with the English version! We honestly can't decide which one we like more. Even if you don't speak or understand Spanish, we think you'll still appreciate the rhythm and sound. "I was making songs that truly felt like they were mine," Sebastian said in a press release about his upcoming album. "I could be versatile and show my Argentinian side and my Canadian side. Since I love pop music, I thought, 'Why can't we do it in Spanish?'"


4. Hayden James Stuns With New Single and Music Video for 'Rather Be With You' Featuring Crooked Colours

When we first heard "Rather Be With You" by Hayden James and Crooked Colours, we instantly knew it was going to be a summer favorite. Featuring music that will leave your head bobbing and your body dancing, this electric single is certainly going to be on the charts. "'Rather Be With You' is a heavier, more energetic song that explodes at moments but also continues to chug along with a strong bass/percussive groove," Hayden said in a press release. "I'm really pumped to release this record…"


5. Kanye West Is Supposedly Dropping His 10th Studio Album Donda Today, July 23

Welp, there's not much to say about Kanye West'supposed new album Donda. It was supposed to be released today, but as of 5 p.m. PT, it's nowhere to be found. Tbh, we're not all that shocked by Kanye's behavior. Apparently, there was a record release party last night that he showed up late to and where he barely mingled. That's not to say that his album is going to be good or bad—only time will tell!


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6. Camila Cabello Channels Cuban Roots With New Single and Music Video for 'Don't Go Yet'

It's hard not to love Camila Cabello. She's been releasing fire song after fire song and we simply can't get enough! "Don't Go Yet" is just the latest she's released, and the song and music video for it have totally exceeded our expectations. Featuring stunning fashion and iconic dance moves, this is a video you'll stream again and again. "That first day of working together, we [Mike Sabath and Camila Cabello] wrote this song after listening to old Cuban songs and playing with my dog Tarzan," Camilla wrote in an Instagram post. "Then Ricky Reed (who side-gigs as my therapist sometimes LOL) put his sauce alllll over it. These guys have become my true friends and we created a really loving and inspiring creative space."


7. Jesse McCartney Makes a Comeback With New Song 'Kiss the World Goodbye'

If you're a fan of early '00s bops, we're sure you're very familiar with ex-teen heartthrob, Jesse McCartney. And when we found out he was finally releasing an album after a full seven years, we about lost our minds. The first single from the upcoming album is "Kiss the World Goodbye," and it's just as beautiful as it sounds. Written for his fiancée and their upcoming future, we get all the feels when watching the video. "This song is intended to inspire, even when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders," Jesse shared in a press release. "And when you have that special someone you can rely on, someone who can share in the good times and bad, it really gives you the sense that the two of you can take on anything."


8. Lil Nas X Comes Out With New Track and Music Video 'Industry Baby' Featuring Jack Harlow

Remember when Lil Nas X wowed the world a few years back with "Old Town Road"? Well, he's done it again! His latest single, "Industry Baby," featuring Jack Harlow, is one fun song we plan on blasting in the car. The video itself is unlike anything we've ever seen. Lil Nas X is thrown into prison, and the whole video essentially follows him on the inside. Most notable, however, is the shower dance scene.


9. Lorde Drops Second Single, 'Stoned at the Nail Salon' Off Upcoming Album Solar Power

Our one and only queen Lorde has blessed us with another single from her upcoming album, Solar Power. We had some very high hopes for "Stoned at the Nail Salon," and wow, it was better than we ever could have imagined. In typical Lorde fashion, this song makes us want to question our lives and dance. "This song is sort of a rumination on getting older, settling into domesticity, and questioning if you've made the right decisions," Lorde shared in a press release. "I think lots of people start asking those questions of themselves around my age, and it was super comforting to me writing them down, hoping they'd resonate with others too."


10. Khalid Releases Song and Music Video for 'New Normal' Off Upcoming Album Everything Is Changing

Khalid has one of the most soulful current voices, earning him a spot as one of our favorite artists of all time. His upcoming album, Everything Is Changing, is coming out later in the fall, and the release of the single "New Normal," has made us even more excited. Khalid has a very distinct voice, and it definitely comes through in this song. "'New Normal' was inspired by how I was feeling during the pandemic and the emotional toll that quarantine took on me and my friends," Khalid stated in a press release. "Everything is Changing as an album really takes that a step further with all of the songs centering around trying to find a purpose and a sense of self in a world where everything is digitally connected but emotionally disconnected."


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