Things You Should NOT Do on if You Want to Make it Big

So you want to be a famous Muser, huh?

Well, it's totally possible, but only with the proper techniques and a little bit of practice.

If you're ready to rack up followers, make an appearance on the leaderboard and be on your way to stardom, take a peek at these five things you should NOT be doing to gain traction.

1. Don't Let the Focus of the Video Drift Away From You

The best part of is that you are the star! Don't detract from your performance by taking the camera off of you. Musers don't want a tour of your house or a 15-second closeup of your adorable doggy. They want to see you giving your best lip sync performance.

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2. Don't Move Around Too Much But Don't Stand Still

Finding the perfect balance of movement is crucial in any performance. While you don't want to perform standing still, you also don't want move all over the place. Use your hands and make quick, bold movements to really capture your audience's attention. It's even better when you can master the art of moving your body and moving your camera at the same time to create some cool effects.

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3. Don't Pick a Song Unless You Know All Its Lyrics

This piece of advice should be a given, but we will still reiterate it because it's that important. If you don't know the words to a song, don't pick it! It will be clear to your audience that you don't know the words if your lips don't match up, plus what's the fun in jamming out to a song you don't know?

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4. Don't Put Yourself in an Unfavorable Environment

To make truly enjoyable videos, you have to set yourself up for success by being selective when you choose where to shoot. Don't put yourself in a dimly lit room with lots of people or distracting objects. Put yourself in a well lit room or space with you as the center of attraction (again back to rule No. 1)! You want your audience to be entertained by everything you're doing.

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5. Don't Have Your Profile on Private

The final, and most important piece of advice for drawing an audience, is take your videos off private. In order for your music masterpieces to be seen and heard by the world, you have to be able to reach your audience. By making your account public, you'll have a way better chance of being seen and followed. It's as easy as that.

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Now that you know all the things not to do to get noticed on, check out THESE tips on all the things you should do.