These Are the Only People You Need to Be Following on

Snapchat and Instagram may control everyone else's lives, but definitely consumes ours.

We consider ourselves musers, but there are six girls we follow on the app who we turn to when we need some inspo for our own content. Keep scrolling to discover these creative and hilarious musers:

Girl holding an iPhone wearing a white top and denim jeans

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User: @gantsta_grandma

Why she deserves your follow: Hello, she is one kick-butt grandma if we've ever seen one! And she'll have you laughing until you cry enough tears to fill the Pacific Ocean.


Users: @lisaandlena

Why they deserve your follow: These twins are On. Point. Just watch their #MirrorChallenge vid. Is this not amazing?!

#MirrorChallenge ????

A video posted by Lisa and Lena | Germany® (@lisaandlena) on


User: @kathrynstuehmer

Why she deserves your follow: You'll be begging your parents to enroll you in ballet lessons seconds after you start watching her videos.

Messin with dead shoes???? #musically @gaynorminden #gaynorminden @gaynorgirls

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User: @thunthunskittles

Why she deserves a follow: She's one of the most hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of following. Trust us.


User: @mariarengi

Why she deserves your follow: Her freestyle skills are fire! How'd she learn to dance like that?!


User: @themichelleshow

Why she deserves your follow: Because she's your spirit animal (or at least ours). 'Nuff said.

if you know where this song is from, God bless you.

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