Must Have Back to School Supplies That Are Cute and Functional!

It's almost time to start getting ready for the beginning of school. From new clothing, to the latest accessories, to up-to-date school supplies, we know that back to school shopping is a really important part of getting ready for the new year.

Here are our favorite cute and functional accessories picked by gURL.COM that are sure to get the attention of your classmates and make you the school supplies queen at school.

Who said math had to be boring? In fact it'll be your favorite subject if you buy this cat shaped calculator. You'll be MEOWing for more math equations.
Take a bite out of this! Keep your lunch money safe with this super funny teeth coin purse.
When it comes to organizing all your papers, these bear shaped paper clips are the perfect fix. Not to mention, the box is super adorable!
It's time to get all your presentation and assignment due dates in order. With this funky organizer you'll never turn anything in late!
Make sure you save all your assignments! Make a fashion statement with these adorable USB wristbands!