My Digi Diary Contest: Star With Web Celebs!

In Sweety High's new My Digi Diary contest, you can enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming episode of Digi Diaries and win a bunch of fantastic tech prizes!my digi diary

Have you ever dreamed of being a web star? Here's your chance! Share your daily routine for us and you'll be entered to win!

Prizes include a 7" touchscreen tablet PC, a pair of stylish sunglasses and a set of Wicked Mojo earbuds. Best of all, you can win a featured spot in an upcoming episode of Sweety High's original series Digi Diaries alongside some of your favorite social celebrities!

To enter to win, just…

  1. Log into your account at Sweety High. If you don't yet have an account, click here to create one!
  2. Click the Contests tab at the top of the page and locate the My Digi Diary contest, or click here!
  3. Record a video of your daily routine on your phone, camera or computer
  4. Upload the video to the contest page
  5. Once your video is uploaded, push the big grey "Submit" button and you'll be entered to win!

Also be sure to share the contest with your friends!

That's it, Sweetys! If you have any questions about the Digi Diaries contest, just leave it in the comments and we'll answer it as soon as we can. Good luck!