My Infinite Agenda Will Get You Organized While Helping You Manifest Your Dreams

While I don't completely buy into the Law of Attraction and the idea that focusing all of your energy will manifest your dreams into reality, I do think there's a special power in setting concrete goals and thinking positively.

I think that's precisely what intrigued me about My Infinite Agenda, a combination planner and vision board that integrates scheduling with journaling and goal-setting in order to help you make all your wildest dreams come true. I was happy to oblige when the folks behind the agenda reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing it.

The Product

My Infinite Agenda is based around the idea that when you put your energy into something, you're simultaneously attracting it into your life. By combining a daily planner and a vision board into one fabulous agenda, its user can begin writing down their biggest goals and deepest desires in order to manifest them and change their destinies.

By utilizing thoughtful prompts and having its users reflect daily on what they want and what they appreciate about their lives, it helps busy folks get their ambitions, as well as their daily calendars organized, while also making their dreams come true.

The sale of My Infinite Agenda also helps to make good things happen. A portion of the sales from each agenda goes to one of four charities, depending on which color your purchase. I was sent a 2019–2020 midyear planner in blush with rose gold foil, which benefits Days for Girls. The midyear planners retail for $39, while undated, 180-day planners sell for $29 and 2020 journals are available to pre-order for $58.

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The Experience

My Infinite Agenda is so cute that I was delighted with it before I'd even opened it. The cover design is simple yet elegant, and I loved the blush and rose gold color combination on its cover.

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Before the manifesting began, I had some reading to do. I signed my name on the first page, flipped past a couple of sheets of stickers and learned a little bit about the book's specific message and the golden rules of the agenda. It all starts with believing in the magic of positive thinking, knowing what you want and then declaring it, as specifically as possible, to the world.

Next, the book provided me with some prompts on gratitude, asking me what I'm grateful for, and about my gifts in life before digging into my short and long-term goals and what the world would look like if my wildest dreams could come true. I found this section a bit intimidating, as it really takes thoughtfulness and dedication to fill in. When it came to being grateful, I was surprised to see how many things I could list and how much I appreciate what I have. Filling the pages was easy, and it felt good to realize that gratitude.

My Infinite Agenda journaling

Discussing my goals and dreams felt harder. My life is pretty good and I don't often find myself wishing for things to be different or better, but eventually, I figured it out and managed to write at least a little something down for each of those fields.  After all, there's always an opportunity to treat myself better, be healthier and work on my creativity. These prompts may seem like a lot, and they're definitely the toughest part of sticking to My Infinite Agenda, but everything gets easier from here.

Next, the book provides four blank pages for vision boarding in order to help the user visually organize all their dreams into one place. To be honest, this is the area I've spent the least time with so far, only doodling some simple drawings symbolizing my dreams—but if I do see something in a magazine that inspires me, I fully intend to clip it out and glue it in to make my board more complete.

Next was the agenda's calendar portion, listing out all the months of 2019 and 2020, providing a space for important dates and laying out a weekly Monday – Friday schedule by the hour. This tool is super handy, though I wish it would appear every week rather than just once at the beginning of the calendar for those of us with schedules that aren't totally consistent, or who are just as busy on the weekends as we are during the week.

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My agenda in particular runs from Aug. 2019 – Aug. 2020, and I conveniently received mine on Aug. 5. Each month starts off with a full calendar so you can keep track of your important dates and make notes about what's to come. The booklet also includes stickers to serve as markers during the month.

But before I got into the individual dates, there were a couple more pages of important prompts waiting for me. What shortterm goals was I excited to accomplish in August? What steps would I take toward my long-term goals? What might happen if my wildest dreams were to come true, and what actions could I take to make them more likely? Figuring these out was tricky, but after really focusing on the ideas, I finally scratched out a few ideas for each. What I wrote felt a little lackluster at first, but as the month progressed, I was able to go back and add to and hone the list, and I was pretty satisfied with what I'd accumulated by Aug. 31.

From there, it was finally time to get into the day-to-day of the planner. I was a little relieved to find that the daily prompts were much easier to fill out. Rather than having me contemplate my biggest goals in life, they simply asked me what I was looking forward to and what I was grateful for. These spaces are relatively small, with an entire week fitting across a two-page spread, so it's not difficult to fill them up. I found it quite easy to think about what I could look forward to and what I was happy to have in my life.

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Each page also included an inspirational quote to get me in a positive and thankful mindset. For example, the main quote for the month of Sept. is "Everything is within your power, and your power is within you," by Janice Trachtman.

As I filled in the rest of the week, I used the journal's cute bookmark ribbons to keep my place. With the agenda constantly in the back of my mind, I went about my days thinking about my goals and being grateful and positive, which made me feel great. Unfortunately, positive thinking wasn't enough to prevent me from getting picked for jury duty, which I'd wanted to avoid. In fact, my positive attitude and special attention to detail might have been what got me picked.

I had to drive all the way across town to attend jury duty for about two weeks, and while I wasn't exactly happy to be there, writing in the agenda every day made me realize how grateful I am for my health. Plus, every day I looked forward to heading up to the cafeteria for some bizarrely good food and coming home to appreciate my life after an intense day of listening to witnesses.

That concluded on the last weekday of the month, and I was thankful to have a long weekend, thanks to Labor Day. At the end of the month, the journal had me reflect on my successes in the hopes of attracting even more, as well as documenting what I've done to reach my ultimate goals. I don't think I'd realized it during the month, but I'd done a lot, and it felt amazing to see it all tallied up in one place.

Today, I'm nearly halfway through the Sept. portion of the calendar, and I don't see myself quitting any time soon. Whether some divine force of the universe is making great things happen in my life, or I'm reaping the benefits of my own hard work and a little luck, I'm seeing results, and I'd love to keep that going. I've looked ahead and seen that the agenda concludes with some reflection and review of the year—but I've behaved myself, and haven't peeked at that just yet.


Bottom Line

If you believe in the Law of Attraction and manifestation, My Infinite Agenda is an amazing tool to get you thinking about what you want and living a positive life that will lead to it. But even if you're a skeptic like me, you'll likely find it to be a great organization tool that'll help you get your busy life in order while being happier in the process. At $39, it's not much more expensive than other agendas that do a lot less. If you lead a hectic life and need a little injection of positivity, it might be just what you need.


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