My Little Pony x China Glaze is the Polish Collab of Your Prancing Dreams

One of our favorite affordable nail polish brands is dropping their latest collab and it's straight out of your most magical dreams.

My Little Pony x China Glaze captures the unique personalities of your favorite ponies with shades that range from flirty fuchsias to galactic glitters.


(via China Glaze)

You can find this rainbow-rific new collab at beauty stores nationwide, including Ulta and Sally Beauty, this July. The magic may begin this summer, but keep your Cutie Mark mani looking fresh for the premiere of My Little Pony: The Movie that hits theaters this October.

Catch some of our favorite pony polishes below:

Songbird Serenade

While each of the ponies have their own signature color based on their unique personalities, one of the shades we're most excited about is Songbird Serenade, named after a new character in the upcoming movie. Songbird is a popstar pony and will be voiced by one of our favorite RL singing stars, Sia.

Songbird Serenade dark purple nail color

(via China Glaze)


Cutie Marks the Spot

This minty pistachio shade is just as playful as the ponies themselves and may even be our mane color for the summer.

Cutie Marks the Spot mint green nail color

(via China Glaze)


Hay Girl Hay!

This silver holographic glitter will jazz up any girls-night-out-fit this summer. Get your galactic cowgirl look on with this shimmery shade.

Hay Girl Hay silver nail color

(via China Glaze)


One Polished Pony Kit

This kit comes with two nail polishes, One Polished Pony blue and She's a Mane-iac hot pink, along with nail art decals featuring the ponies themselves.

One Polished Pony set of two polishes and nail decals

(via China Glaze)


Sweet as Pinkie Pie

Is Pinkie Pie your favorite little pony? If so get your twin on with this pony who's always looking pretty in pink.

Sweet as Pinkie Pie nail color

(via China Glaze)


Best Ponies Forever

This gold glitter is another limited edition shade based on the newest addition to the pony parade, Songbird Serenade. Pair the black shimmer of Songbird's signature color with this gorgeous gold glitter.

Best Ponies Forever gold nail color

(via China Glaze)


I Just Canterlot

This violet glitter polish is the bold color we're all about this season. Looking to add a splash of color to your OOTSummer? This purple is made to pop.


I Just Canterlot purple nail color


(via China Glaze)


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