My Mighty Magnet Is Our Favorite New Way to Display Printed Pics

Even though everything is digital these days, we still love the tactile sensation of printed photos.

Our biggest issue is displaying them. Buying and mounting frames is pricey and can damage the walls, and pinning ruins the original photos.

But Mishu Designs is stepping in to solve those problems. They sent us one of their My Mighty Magnet cables for review, and we're big fans.

My Mighty Magnet wall collage

(via My Mighty Magnet)

The Product

My Mighty Magnet is a simple, but super effective, product. It consists of a 57-inch (nearly five-foot) metal cable with a loop for hanging on one end and a weight on the other. Along that cable are nine small but strong magnets, which stick to it.

All you have to do is secure the loop to the wall and let it dangle, and from there you can attach your pictures along the length with the magnets. They also sell a variety of magnet designs so you can customize your My Mighty Magnet, but we like the simple clear gem magnets that come with the standard design.

My Mighty Magnet clear gems


The Experience

All we had to do to set up the My Mighty Magnet was pin it to the wall. From there, the hardest part was picking the photos to put up on the wall. They secured easily with the magnets, and from there we could rearrange and move them around however we wanted.

My Mighty Magnet with photos

Even a card made of multiple pieces of thick cardstock stuck snugly to the cable. And when we wanted to take the images off, we just had to remove the magnet. It couldn't be easier to use, and we thought the result helped a bare wall look a lot cuter, too.

My Mighty Magnet photo


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a cute and simple, yet totally chic, way to display your fave pics, My Mighty Magnet is a great option. It's basically foolproof, and the standard cable costs just $15 in their store online.


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