How Singer-Songwriter My Silent Bravery Put His Vulnerability on Display in 'Kiss Your Mouth'

Matthew Wade is a singer-songwriter and guitarist, better known by the moniker My Silent Bravery, and we think those are the perfect three words to describe the artist and his music.

He's gearing up to release an epic new album, Bigger, in December, and his latest single, "Kiss Your Mouth," is one of its standout tracks. We got the chance to chat with My Silent Bravery to find out all about the new song and why tapping into his vulnerability was an important part of the process. Keep reading to find out all about it.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting and recording process behind "Kiss Your Mouth"?

My Silent Bravery: The track was produced by Russell Ali and Sanjoy Deb (Jxdn, Mark Tuan, Elliot Yamin) and was co-written with Mitchell Rose and recorded at West Coast Customs Studios in Burbank, California, made famous by the TV show Pimp My Ride. Musically, it is an up-tempo acoustic guitar-driven song with rhythmic programming. Russell came up with a hooky guitar progression and Sanjoy programmed around that. Mitchell and I wrote the melody of the lead vocal and the lyrics of the song relatively quickly. Mitchell is really strong with melodies. The lyrics are centered on a relationship gone wrong and doing whatever it takes to get the one you love back so you can finally give them that long-desired kiss.


sH: What does the song mean to you? Was it based on a real relationship?

MSB: The song to me is very relatable. While it wasn't written about a particular relationship of mine, it was written based on life experience and past relationships. For instance, I feel like a lot of people can relate to the chorus, and the idea of driving around in your car and feeling kind of lost wondering what your ex is up to. That is something that I had done many times before when a relationship took a wrong turn. I also think we can all probably relate to that desire of wanting to get your ex back and the satisfaction of that long-awaited kiss when you do!


SH: You've described the song as "the male version of a Taylor Swift romance song." What does that mean to you?

MSB: I think that Taylor Swift writes a really good romance pop song. She is one of the best in the business at doing so. She has a way of making the listener relate to her vulnerability and giving you a big payoff in the chorus and hook. To me, this song has that same kind of vulnerability to it and the big payoff at the chorus and hook.


SH: Why do you think it isn't as common to get the guy's perspective in a romance song like this one?

MSB: I think it probably isn't as common as it takes a certain vulnerability that many guys might not feel comfortable putting out there. Many guys might feel that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. I think especially in terms of art, that vulnerability is what people relate to most. The hard part is balancing the fine line of vulnerability and not making a romance song too cheesy. That is where the real challenge lies.


SH: Do you have a favorite lyric from the track?

MSB: Yeah, as alluded to earlier. I love the top of the chorus so it's especially satisfying for me when the chorus of the song kicks in. "Spend my night driving around in my car, wonder who you're with, where you are."


SH: What does the name "My Silent Bravery" mean to you?

MSB: To me, it symbolizes inner strength, perseverance, persistence and the ability to overcome obstacles. The name came about because I was touring under another band name with the initials MSB for a while. Around 2010, my manager at the time suggested we change the band name for marketability and for Googleability. I chose to go with a more commercial name. I wanted to keep the MSB in place, as my fan base was familiar with it and had a connection to it. My friend Caryn suggested My Silent Bravery and I really thought that embodied what the music was about. Additionally, I have been dealing with a sports injury over the years and it is a challenge in my life and I continue to work hard to overcome that obstacle. I now try and inspire others to overcome their obstacles through the message in my music!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

MSB: I want to thank Sweety High for the interview and support everyone that took the time to read this interview and check out the song! "Kiss Your Mouth" is on the new Bigger album which will be dropping in December. I am really excited for everyone to hear the full record. In the interim, you can hear some of the other singles like "Bigger," "Spark Up the Fire" and "Rise Up" on Spotify or Apple Music or my socials @mysilentbravery.


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