Want to Shop More Sustainably? myGemma Needs to Be On Your Radar

Shopping sustainably has become a big goal of ours in the last few years.

And one of our absolute favorite ways to do that is by buying vintage, pre-loved designer pieces. With so many incredible sites offering those sorts of services these days, it's hard to tell which ones are actually good. And after having a chat with Andrew Brown, CEO of myGemma, we think we've hit the jackpot! Continue below for our full interview with Andrew, where he tells us all about his designer resale site, myGemma.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Andrew Brown: My name is Andrew Brown, and I am the CEO of myGemma and WP Diamonds. My background is in finance, but I started working in the diamond industry in 2010 and moved to the luxury resale space in 2012.

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SH: Tell us about myGemma!

AB: myGemma is a luxury resale website: we sell iconic, pre-owned designer jewelry, watches, handbags and sneakers. Not only is pre-owned more affordable, but also the most eco-friendly way to shop.


SH: Tell us about your partnership with Arbor Day Foundation!

AB: Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. As such, we have partnered with Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every sale to further our commitment to the planet.

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SH: How does shopping work on myGemma? 

AB: We have an ever-changing selection of luxury goods on our website, from $200 silver Tiffany jewelry pieces to $20,000 Birkin bags. Simply browse the website and if you wish to purchase, add to cart then check out.


SH: What are the most popular designer brands for young women to shop on myGemma?

AB: Some of our best-selling brands include Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Chanel.

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SH: What pieces or designers would you recommend for young women just getting started in building up their collection?

AB: Tiffany & Co. has a wide range of price points and timeless, elegant designs. They are perfect if you are looking to start your jewelry collection.


SH: Why is buying a pre-owned luxury item a good idea?

AB: Not only is it an affordable way to shop, but it is also the most sustainable way to shop. Our goal is to give luxury goods a longer life.

All our items are pre-owned and authenticated by our team of in-house experts. There is no manufacturing or production involved, which is better for the environment.

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SH: Is there anything else we should know about myGemma?

AB: We also offer:

Our Trade-In Program: The option to sell or trade-in your luxury items for store credit.

Our Rejuvenate Program: Exchange your myGemma items purchased within six months for store credit worth 70% of your original purchase price (including discounts and excluding taxes).


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