YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski is a fashion, lifestyle and DIY vlogger and beauty guru best known for her channel MyLifeAsEva. It’s been a huge month for Eva, who recently became the new face of Wallflower Jeans and released her first ever music video for the satirical “Literally, My Life.” We spoke with Eva to get the inside scoop on her latest work and find out about some of Eva’s all-time favs!

6 things about eva gutowski literally my life

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.

1. I LOVE boots with a comfy little heel on them! I basically live in black platform boots 24/7, and you’ll no doubt see me wearing them even in the summertime.

What makeup product could you not live without?

2. I can’t live without a good lipstick! I’ve always been a total lip girl, and you can always find me with at least five lipsticks hanging out in my purse. 

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

3. I’m not going to lie, I bawled my eyes out in Bridge To Terabithia. It was pretty embarrassing because I kept crying even after the movie was over, and my mom was laughing at me on the ride home. I don’t care what people say, that movie is emotional!

What’s your go-to accessory?

4. I bought a little backpack because I was tired of my right shoulder hurting all the time, and now I bring it everywhere! I wear it to the mall, to theme parks, and even recently Coachella! Its super comfy, and also so much easier to hug people now without slapping them with a purse.

If you could have any meal right this minute, what would it be?

5. I’m always down for a good steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli!

What’s your weirdest phobia?

 6. I’m really creeped out by anything with little holes or bubbles! Like the insides of cantaloupes, or even when you get coffee and there’s little bubbles at the top! I scrape it off with the wiggles inside of me!

mylifeaseva eva gutowski literally my life music video

How excited are you to be a the new face of Wallflower Jeans? What does the brand mean to you, and why is it such a great fit?

I’m so excited!! Wallflower Jeans really stand for creating great fashion pieces that are trendy, for super affordable prices. It’s something that I’ve advocated on my channel since the start, so it’s really true to me.

What was the inspiration behind “Literally, My Life”? How do you think your fans will react to the song, and do you think they’ll be able to relate to it?

The inspiration behind the song was seeing how now more than ever, people are so influenced by the internet! Whether it’s a photo of a cafe table filled with gorgeous foods, to a picture of a girl doing yoga on a beach. Sometimes it seems like we all need to do the things we see in these photos to be happy, but it’s nice to remind yourself that what you have right in front of you can be amazing, too. I think my viewers will really relate to the song!

mylifeaseva eva gutowski literally my life music video interview

What was it like filming a music video for the song? What themes from the track do you aim to get across in the video?

It was INSANE getting to film a music video! I’ve been on so many shoots before, but halfway through filming for “Literally, My Life” I realized, “Oh snap, this is MY shoot!!” I wanted to get across the theme of teenagers these days being obsessed with the internet and all the most popular things we all see, like the glamorous Kylie Jenner photos, the teenagers dancing on the beach, and the pretty lattes!

Check out the music video for “Literally, My Life,” SelectNext’s first production, below, and click here to buy the track on iTunes. If you love Eva, be sure to share in our community at!