Austin & Ally Channel The Scooby Gang In "Mysteries & Meddling Kids"

In the next episode of Austin & Ally, "Mysteries & Meddling Kids," a mystery unravels as the gang tries to find out who stole Ally's songbook during a '70s-themed party. We're so excited to see them get into Scooby gang mode that we imagined them as Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy!

austin and ally cast as the scooby doo gang

Austin Moon as Fred

Like Fred, Austin is the leader of the gang. He loves being the center of attention and making decisions for his friends, even when they don't necessarily want him to. Plus, we think it's about time that Austin built a super elaborate trap to catch a baddie!

Ally Dawson as Daphne

Ally is not as prone to landing herself in danger as Daphne, but seeing as she's the target of the songbook thief in the episode, the comparison seems totally fitting. As the series continued, Daphne has grown to be self-sufficient and powerful, just like Ally, and just like Fred and Daphne, we love when Austin and Ally are together.

Trish de la Rosa as Velma

Just because Velma and Trish are considered the sidekicks doesn't mean they aren't leading lady material, and they're willing to prove it. Both can be the brains of the group who love to take action and make things happen, and what would be better than hearing Trish say "jinkies"?

Dez Wade as Shaggy

Like Shaggy, Dez means well but doesn't always help the situation with his antics, but you always want him around because he's a sweet and dependable friend. From time to time, he can also be wise beyond his years (but that's not often!).

Pixie as Scooby-Doo

in the episode, Groovy the goat detective takes the role as the animal of the gang, but we think the set dog, Pixie the CavaPoo, would make an even better group mascot.

Catch "Mysteries & Meddling Kids" on the Disney Channel on Sunday, July 26th at 9pm and let us know what you think of the casting in the comments!