Nail Art Has Never Been Better With These Adorable Decals

Many things in life require a steady hand—brain surgery, calligraphy, nail art…

But not all of us are blessed with shake-free precision for performing some of the toughest tasks in life—like quality nail designs. That's where nail decals come in hand.

Thanks to some of the cutest decals online, we won't have to worry about blobby or blurry nail art ever again. Browse some of our faves below:

Care Bears by Nail Pop: $12

What could possibly be cuter than these pastel-toned Care Bears? Because they come in a variety of colors, there's a cuddling bear for every mood you're rocking.

Assorted Care Bears nail decals

(via Nail Pop)


Pin Collection by Tuesday Bassen: $8

Tuesday Bassen is one of our all time fave designers when it comes to amping up our pin game. Now you can wear her most popular pin designs on your nails!

Tuesday Bassen pin nail decals

(via Shop Tuesday)


Peter Pan by House of Wonderland: $6.42

These decals definitely have us thinking happy thoughts. Just because you're growing up doesn't mean your nails have to be a total bore!

Peter Pan flying decals

(via Etsy)


Kawaii Faces by Pearl Planet: $4.88

This decal set lets you get creative with a variety of kawaii faces to overlay on top of your nail polish. You could say these little friends are a handful. For more DIY kawaii crafting, check out these homemade squishies HERE.

Kawaii faces nail decals

(via Etsy)


Mermaid Pack by Pearl Planet: $4.90

From mermaid hair to mermaid toast, we want all things aquatic this warm-weather season.

Mermaid and sea creatures nail decals

(via Etsy)


Rad Emoji Pack by Underachievers Apparel: $3.85

Emojis are a way of life, and whether you're using these cute little images for communicating or accessorizing, they're the perfect companion for pretty much every situation.

Mixed emoji nail decals

(via Etsy)


Pokeballs by Claire Paul: $3.85

Low on pokeballs? Not anymore!

Pokeball nail decals

(via Etsy)


Origami Dinosaurs by Thrift Box: $6.42

These decals combine the delicate nature of Origami with our favorite prehistoric species. Feel fierce, yet fancy, with these dino decals.

Origami dinosaur nail decals

(via Etsy)


Star Wars by Dope Digits: $8

Even Jedi masters like to keep their nails looking fresh. We're really feeling the force with these intergalactic friends and foes.

Star Wars nail decals

(via Dope Digits)


Sweet Treats by Dope Digits: $8

And finally, our one true love—sweets! Adorn your nails with these adorable decals that will give you a hankering for treats all day long. Wear at your own risk!

Sweet treats, donuts, ice cream, nail decals

(via Dope Digits)


Nail-biters may have browsed this list of decals with reluctance due to their nibbling habit. If you're guilty of peeling, chipping and biting your nails, you have to check out our experiment to break the habit HERE.