The 7 Nail Shapes You Need to Know for Your Next Visit to the Salon

Some of us can't wait to hit the nail salon, while for others, it's something almost always dreaded.

There are typically way too many colors to choose from when getting your nails done. On top of that, there are different finishes, like regular polish, gel, dip, acrylic, silk and more. It's honestly overwhelming. And once you've got the color and type figured it out, it's on to the shape of the nail. Long gone are the days of a simple manicure, because now, there are a plethora of shapes to choose from, including almond, coffin and more.

Confused? We don't blame you. Continue below for the seven nail shapes you need to know for your next visit to the salon:


Use this image as a guide:

nail shapes

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1. Oval/Round

You can never go wrong with an oval or round nail shape (it's considered round if your nail is shorter and oval if your nail is longer). Since it's the most natural shape, and what our nails typically look like before a manicure, this is a good option for those who want to keep a minimalist, easy mani.

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2. Square

The square shaped nail is another go-to possibility for mani beginners. It's structured and fairly easy to maintain. However, due to sharp corners, nail polish tends to lift and snag, resulting in trips to the nail salon for a quick fix. If you're careful about it, though, it shouldn't be a problem.

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3. Coffin

We love how coffin nails look, but let us tell you, they are not practical. It's basically impossible to type on a computer or phone, and don't get us started on using the restroom. With that said, it's probably the most trendy nail shape of the moment, and due to a lot of real estate on the nail itself, there are plenty of fun opportunities for nail art.

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4. Almond

Almond-shaped nails will forever be our fave. They're chic, timeless and in our opinion, look amazing in photos. If you like taking pics holding things like coffee mugs or showing off your arm candy, you should consider trying out the almond shape.

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5. Stiletto

If you have an arsenal of leather jackets at your disposal, chances are, you're familiar with stiletto nails. They're the most bold of the shapes, and in some cases, end up being rather dangerous. If you're prone to clumsiness or go to the gym to lift weights, we recommend staying far away from this particular shape.

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6. Lipstick

We don't really like the lipstick shape, but to each their own! It legit looks like the shape of a stick of lipstick, which we think is a bit strange. It's almost as if the nail technician forgot to straighten out the mani, which would leave us super anxious. You heard it here first, folks, don't try out the lipstick shape.


7. Flare

The flare nail shape was popular 15 years ago, so we don't know why it's still relevant. However, people are still getting this shape! It's certainly not the worst, but it's not one of the best forms, either. All in all, we think this shape is more catered to older women.

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Now that you've got the shape nailed down, what color should you get? Look HERE for nail design you should rock based on your zodiac sign.