Instagram Nail Hacks That Will Drastically Improve Your Next Mani

There's something about having perfectly manicured nails that makes us feel so put together.

If it were up to us, we'd be getting weekly (or even bi-weekly) manis, but that's just not realistic—sometimes we have to break out the nail polish and do them ourselves.

If you want that professional salon look without a ton of hassle, check out these six short and sweet Insta tutorials that will teach you to be a manicurist in your own right.

Girl with nail art holding a polka dot mug

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1. Blinged-Out Mani Hack

So you've got the base color and top coat on, but you want a little something extra to make your nails dazzle. Cue the rhinestones. Although rhinestones are an amazing addition to any manicure, they're so difficult to apply—tweezers are not the solution! Grab some dental wax or clay and you'll be picking up and placing those jewels like a pro.


2. Striping Tape Hack

If you want to add some color block flair to your basic mani, try using striping tape. Place the tape where you want it on your nail and then paint either side of it in two different shades. If you like the look of the tape, you can snip off the ends and leave it. Easy peasy. 


3. Gel Pen Nail Art Hack

We're not all artists over here, okay? Painting intricate designs with a tiny nail brush is not an easy task, so why not pull out a gel pen and give your drawing skills another go? You'll have much more control using a gel pen.


4. Color Pop Hack

Have you ever picked out a nail polish, applied it and then discovered it was way darker than you anticipated? Thanks to this hack you can brighten that shade in one easy step. Simply coat your nails with white polish first and then apply the color. It will pop!


5. Cooking Spray Hack

Doing your nails at home almost always means you'll smudge them before they're even dry. To prevent this, apply your normal top coat and then a few minutes later spray on a thin layer of vegetable oil. Leave that layer on for a few more minutes and then wipe the excess off. The result? Dry and smudge-free nails. ????????


6. Easy and Clean Ombre Hack

It's always been our dream to create a beautiful (mess-free) ombre nail at home, and now it's finally possible thanks to this tutorial tip. Paint your nails white, grab a bottle of OPI's Glitter Off Base (or Elmer's Glue works as a substitute) and paint the outside of your nail beds. Then paint a small sponge with three colors that you would like to ombre and dab the sponge directly on your nails. You can then peel the OPI Glitter Off Base off your skin and you'll have a clean ombre mani. B-e-a-utiful!


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