This Amazing Device Prints Pics From Your Phone Directly on Your Nails

Not all of us have the steady hands necessary for creating dazzling nail art.

With Nailbot, we won't have to.

Nailbot printer

(via Preemadonna)

Created by tech company Preemadonna, Nailbot is a unique nail art printer that takes images from your phone and prints them on your nails in seconds.

Nailbot nail art printer printing on a nail

(via Preemadonna)

Just paint your nails a light color (Nailbot recommends white for the best contrast) and stick your painted nail in the slot like so.

Once you've selected your desired image, either by picking from their library of emojis and icons or by selecting an image straight from your camera roll, the image can be printed on your nail in less than five seconds.

Results of Nailbot nail art printer

(via Preemadonna)

This thing will revolutionize the way we think of nail art. But you can't get your hands on one just yet.

The project is raising funds on Kickstarter until Nov. 13, but they're already well above their $75k goal. Once it's over, new backers will get their own Nailbots towards the end of 2017.

If you pledge $199 or more now, you can get your own Nailbot, plus white nail polish, pre-print polish and a color cartridge when Nailbots are delivered next year.

That can save you quite a bit of money if you're used to weekly manis. Plus, 3% of the proceeds go toward tech programs for girls. After all, tech education is what made Nailbot possible in the first place.

Can't wait to see Nailbot in action? Watch their introductory video below, and click HERE to back them.


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