These Lyrics About Nashville Make Perfect Captions for Travel to the City

If you're traveling to Nashville, the Music City, chances are that you're already indulging in the incredible food, culture and, most importantly, music of the famous location.

Nashville is especially well known for its country music—and for good reason—which is also why countless tunes have been written about the city. In fact, we think a number of the lyrics from these timeless songs also make excellent Instagram captions, so keep scrolling to discover our favorites.

For that contemplative moment:

"Going back to Nashville, thinking 'bout the whole thing."

-David Mead, "Nashville"


For when it's pouring in Nashville:

"Memories of Tennessee and Nashville in the rain."

-John Denver, "A Country Girl in Paris"


For when you feel like you're practically a local:

"If you ask me still, I'll just lie and I'll say I'm from Nashville."

-Adam LaPorte, "Nashville"

Shutterstock: Nashville quotes If you ask me still, I'll just lie and I'll say I'm from Nashville. -Adam LaPorte, Nashville.png

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For when the Nashville cuties are calling your name:

"Something about Nashville that makes me swipe right."

-Alexandra May, "Swipe Right"


For when Nashville feels like a city of opportunity:

"Dreams upon my back, illusions of a brand new start. Nashville."

-Indigo Girls, "Nashville"


For documenting a ridiculously talented street musician:

"Yeah, there's 1352 guitar cases in Nashville, and any one that unpacks 'is guitar could play twice as better than I will."

-The Lovin' Spoonful, Nashville Cats

Shutterstock: Nashville quotes "Yeah, there's 1352 guitar cases in Nashville, and any one that unpacks 'is guitar could play twice as better than I will." -The Lovin' Spoonful, Nashville Cats

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For when you're just in town to see what the fuss is all about:

"I ain't got no money, I ain't got no sense. Headed down to Nashville, just to say I went."

-The Road Hammers, "Nashville Bound"


For perfectly capturing that boundless essence of Nashville:

"In Nashville, we're living in a big small town and it spreads so far."

-Tanyss Nixi, "In Nashville"


For when you're falling in love with the place:

"There isn't nothing wrong with Nashville."

-Todd Snider, "Nashville"

Shutterstock: Nashville quotes There isn't nothing wrong with Nashville. -Todd Snider, Nashville

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For when the romantic Nashville vibes have you feeling lonely:

"Another night, I don't know where you are, but here I am with all the stars hanging heartaches out on the Nashville moon."

-Ronnie Milsap, "Nashville Moon"


For when you visit Nashville on a whim:

"Closed my eyes and chose a destination like any good refugee, I stuck a fork into a road map right through Nashville, Tennessee."

-Joe Ely, "Dream Camera"


For when the city has won your heart and claimed you as one of its own:

"I'm a Nashville girl. Just wait, I'm coming."

-David Lawrence, "Nashville Girl"

Shutterstock: Nashville quotes I'm a Nashville girl. Just wait, I'm coming. -David Lawrence, Nashville Girl

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For when you're visiting to see a very special someone:

"That Nashville wouldn't be Nashville without you."

-Tim McGraw, "Nashville Without You"


For when the town gives you a weird sense of déjà vu:

"Well, I swear I've lived a past life in Nashville, Tennessee."

-Ryan Gazzola, "The Nashville Song"


For when your trip is ending far too soon:

"Please take me back to Nashville—I'm goin' back to Nashville."

-Owen Eckhardt, "Nashville"


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