Nasty Gal Sport SS21 Is Here, and We're Obsessed

My closet used to be filled to the brim, but ever since COVID took over the world, I've come to realize I really don't need that much.

With that being said, there are certain articles of clothing I adore above the rest. A majority of my clothes are lounge or athleisure wear, and I think that's the case because I pretty much never leave my apartment and can'stand the thought of wearing jeans in my own home. My boyfriend, on the other hand, wears jeans and a work shirt every day for his Zoom calls. Is he weird for doing that? Absolutely. But he's definitely not alone.

So, if you're anything like me and love to live the cozy life, you absolutely need to know about Nasty Gal's SS21 Sport collection. Keep reading to find out all about it.

The Brand

If you're unfamiliar with Nasty Gal, it was started 13 years ago by Sophia Amoruso. And while she's no longer with the company, what she did leave behind was an incredible brand with loads of potential.

These days, Nasty Gal is the go-to for many fashionistas (like myself) because of the trends and, most importantly, prices. There is pretty much always some sort of killer sale going on, so you'll almost never feel guilty for shopping.

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Nasty Gal has it all—clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products—you name it. This year, they launched a new sport collection, and it's not only ridiculously cheap, but it's made with quality materials. Not to mention—the sets are adorable. The brand sent over two sets for me to try out for myself. Keep scrolling for my breakdown of each one.


The Products

Nasty Gal Personal Best Crossover Waist Workout Leggings and Scoop Neck Workout Crop Top: $20.25 and $12.15

Pale blue has been my go-to color for the last year or so, and when this set fell out of the package, I couldn't wait to throw it on. Upon feeling the fabric itself, it felt way softer than I would have ever imagined for something so inexpensive. The sports bra had padding on the inside, but since I personally don't like working out with them, I opted to remove them.

Once I tried the bra itself on, I was so glad I had removed the pads. I already have a larger chest, and my girls definitely didn't need anything else pushing them up. If you have larger breasts, like me, you can certainly go without the pads. There's still enough support in there to jump around in, so don't even worry about that!

Next, I tried on the pants. I've never had a pair of workout leggings with a thick band, so I was interested to see how I would like it. And guess what? They were amazing! I hopped on my Peloton for a 30 minute session, and I didn'once have to pull up my pants. I know that might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me, it was major.


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Nasty Gal Word on the Street Scoop Neck Crop Top and Workout Leggings: $11.70 and $12.15

Technically this outfit isn't from this year's sport drop, but I couldn't resist adding it in. Just look at that gorgeous hue! This set includes a scoop neck crop along with some high-waist workout leggings. In comparison to the blue set, this material was vastly different. It was just as soft, but leaned on the thinner and more sheer side.

I have no problem with that since I almost exclusively workout on my Peloton, but I don't think I'd be able to wear this for a high-intense sort of workout, like running (which isn't a problem for me because I loathe running.)

With all of that said, I still adored this set. I wore it the following day for my next Peloton class, and it was perfect for my workout. I felt cute in what I was wearing, which in turn, made me more than happy to suck it up and break a sweat. I don't know about you, but when I'm wearing a killer workout outfit, I'm almost more motivated to get moving.


(via Nasty Gal)


Bottom Line

After lounging around and working out in both sets from Nasty Gal, I can highly recommend purchasing these bad boys. The blue set is my favorite for getting a sweat in, and the pink one will probably be the one I gravitate to for lower-intensity workouts. Each one has its benefits, and I'm so glad I can add them to my ever-growing drawer of workout and lounge gear.


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