Here's What You Need to Know About Country Singer Natalie Stovall

You may remember just how talented country singer Natalie Stovall is, due to her time on The Voice, but this gal has come a long way since.

Here's exactly what you need to know about her.

#WCW Natalie Stovall

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Stovall)

Name: Natalie Stovall

Hometown: Columbia, Tennessee

Birthday: March 6

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Whenever she goes to her favorite restaurant, Taqueria El Dolar #2, her go-to order is chicken mulitas.

2. Waterproof mascara is the one makeup product she can't live without.

"I have blonde lashes so I disappear without it!"

–Natalie Stovall

3. She always loves watching a good drama movie.

"I love getting inside all of my emotions and watching things that make me look at life from a different perspective. But then, I usually need a comedy to lighten the mood right after."

–Natalie Stovall

4. As a writer, she draw inspiration from all aspects of life.

"I am always surprised where inspiration comes from. Sometimes it's from other music. Sometimes it's my own life, movies, my friends' lives or a hike. But, I try not to question it and just let it happen."

–Natalie Stovall

5. Her phobias are 100% relatable.

"Snakes, spiders and calling the pizza guy."

–Natalie Stovall

6. She loves Cinderella and her story, but Snow White is the Disney princess she relates to the most.

"I am constantly surrounded by and live in a very small space [a Sprinter van] with a bunch of dudes, all with very distinct and strong personalities. I'm not their mother, but I am a mother hen. We all have a deep mutual respect for one another, and they support me and lift me up. They also whistle a lot!"

–Natalie Stovall

Can't wait to hear her music? Click HERE to check out Natalie's new single "Can't Love You No More."


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