Everything You HAVE to Know About Musical.ly Star Nathan Triska

You may know Nathan Triska from our fave web series Chicken Girls, as well as his incredible Musical.ly channel.

Either way, he's someone who must be on your radar. Scroll through and find out all about him!

#MCM Nathan Triska

(Photo courtesy of Nathan Triska)

Full Name: Nathan James Triska

Hometown: Hardy, Arkansas

Birthday: June 11

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. His all-time fave superhero is The Flash.

2. Traveling is a major priority for him and if he could go anywhere in the world for a week, he would go to Dubai.

"It has the world's tallest building, fast cars  and the world's most luxurious hotel. Who wouldn't want to stay there?!"

–Nathan Triska

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3. The best Disney movie in his opinion is The Incredibles. We couldn't agree more.

4. Despite having such a large social media presence, he still considers himself a shy person.

"I have a phobia of talking to new people. Being a social media influencer, you would think I'm over this stage in my life, but I guess I'm still the shy 5-year-old I once was."

–Nathan Triska

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5. Lemonade Mouth always makes him cry.

6. He is a serious dog lover.

"They are seriously the most loving animal and you can keep them as pets so that's even better!" –Nathan Triska

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7. Ashton Kutcher would totally play him in a movie about his life.

"He's truly a legend and humble."

–Nathan Triska


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