National Best Friend Day: Vote For Your Fav BFFs!

Today is National Best Friend Day! What are you and your BFF doing together to celebrate?Celebrate National Best Friend Day!

The phrase "BFF" or "Best Friends Forever" became popular in the early 80s and the usage has been rising ever since! Before then, the phrase "good friends forever" was more popular. Image that!

And whatever you do, don't forget to enter our Best Friends Contest! Details here!

Television and music are full of famous best friends. Which other pairs would you add to our list?
Vote below in our poll- which of these famous BFFs are your favorite? Your choices are …

  • Rocky Blue and Cece Jones- Shake It Up
  • Drew Chadwick and Wesley Stromberg- Emblem3
  • Austin Moon and Dez – Austin & Ally
  • Ivy Wentz and Teddy Duncan – Good Luck Charlie
  • Alex Russo and Harper Finkle – Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Jake and Finn – Adventure Time

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Earlier this week, we posted the best 5 ways to celebrate the day with your best friend forever! Read it here!

Pick you favorite famous BFFs!

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