10 Adorable Gifts Your BFF Will Love on National Best Friends Day

We celebrate our amazing BFFs every single day, but the official celebration is tomorrow.

In honor of National Best Friends Day, we came up with a few adorable gifts to buy your bestie (and yourself) that totally make a statement about the amazingness of your friendship.

1. Snap't BFF Charm: $10.00

This adorable heart-shaped charm is part of a line of mix-and-match accessories. You can customize your own jewelry by using their base, layer and snap piece system. Even though we totes love the charm pictured, if your BFF won't agree, you can make something else that you'll both love!


Snapt charm necklace of pink and yellow heart

(via Snap't)


 2. BFF Coffee Mug: $13.00

Because everyone has that special one they call their person. Let your bestie know just how special they are to you with this super cute mug. You can even buy a matching set for the two of you.

"You're my person" elpehant with flower bouquet mug

(via Etsy)


3. Iconery Best Friends Heart Necklace: $150.00

These necklaces are available in both silver and gold. The set is a little on the pricey side, but your BFF is worth all that hard-earned allowance money, right?

Best Friends broken heart Necklace

(via Iconery)


4. Peas in a Pod Necklace: $15.00

For an equally cute, but less expensive option, grab these itty-bitty peas in pods necklaces. Because there are three peas, you can even snag one for your third musketeer.

Peas in a Pod BFF necklace

(via Claire's)


5. Friends Customizable Shirt: $24.97

Create the picture-perfect idea of your friendship with this rad customizable tee. Add your own photo, pick your ultimate fave colors and voila!

"Friends" customizable shirt

(via Customized Girl)


6. Matching Onesies: $14.41-$30.79

If you really want to take your BFF love to the next level, two words: matching. onesies. Yep, you'll look pretty rad sporting these together on Instagram, and they're the perfect thing to wear to your next sleepover.

Totoro onesies from Amazon

(via Amazon)


7. BFF Sweaters: $34.99

Okay, if the onesies are too much, there are still these amazing sweaters that would definitely make Harry Styles proud.

BFF One Direction sweater She's My Harry She's My Loius

(via Etsy)


8. Best Friend Charm Bracelets: $48.00

Because you're two halves of a whole, these absolutely charming heart bracelets are the perfect way to show off your friendship.

BFF Charm Bracelets from Alex and Ani

(via Alex and Ani)


9. Best Friend Emoji Phone Case: $25.99

When put together, these cute phone cases make the best statement about how great you are together.

BFF emoji cell phone cases

(via Etsy)


10. Custom BFF Keychains: $24.00

These customizable keychains were literally made for the long distance BFFs out there. You can have them formed into the shape of any state you want, making these the perfect reminder that real friends are never too far apart.

BFF Key Chain with states

(via Etsy)


These gifts scream perfectionbut click HERE if your BFF is a Gemini and you need ideas for their upcoming birthday to top off our ideas above.