All the Women-Owned Candy Brands We're Obsessed With This National Candy Day

Today, Nov. 4, is National Candy Day, and believe us when we say we're celebrating in a big way.

We're gladly indulging in all things sweet, whether they're chocolatey, nutty, fruity, minty, bursting with caramel or just coated in sugar. But this year, we're particularly excited about the new women-owned brands we've discovered over the past months.

If you're curious about candy companies run by women, keep reading to find out all about some of our favorites.

Scrummy Sweets Co.

Scrummy Sweets Co. founder Siouxie started making her own gummy bears years ago, loving the taste and texture of classic gummy bears, but not the ingredients inside. It took a lot of experimentation, but eventually, she developed her own tasty gummy bears with zero sugar and all-natural flavors (without the digestive issues that some sugar replacements can cause). The result is her flagship gummy bears, which come in vibrant colors with just enough sweetness, even without the addition of sugar.


Bixby Chocolate

Entrepreneur Kate McAleer founded Bixby Chocolate in 2011, aiming to create a socially responsible business that supports her local economy in Rockland, Maine. The result is some absolutely incredible treats—including one-pound chocolate lobsters and peanut butter lobster claws which make the perfect souvenir for trips to her state.


Maud Borup

Maud Borup started her company more than 100 years ago, making candy from her home in St. Paul, Minnesota. In fact, her treats became so coveted that it's said the Queen of England was a regular customer. Today, the company is run by president Christine Lantinen, and the company continues to sell amazing confections like white chocolates shaped like breakfast food and fast food offerings, cotton candy tubs and hot chocolate bombs.

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Tazzy Candy

Tazzy Candy was co-founded by Delia Hughes and Lindsay Simon, two entrepreneurs who set out to make better-for-you candies that are also boldly flavored and fun to eat. The company specializes in innovative lollipops, including their Açai Berry Do Good, Sour Watermelon and Spicy Mango flavors. They're vegan and pack a lot of sweetness and flavor for being 25 calories each. Plus, 10% of proceeds from their Açai Berry Do Good are donated to metastatic breast cancer research.

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Diamond K Sweets

Diamond K Sweets was developed by mother-daughter duo Kristi and Kelsi Risk, who decided to take their love of making festive Christmas fudge and develop that into a business to sweeten people's days. Since fudge wasn't exactly a new idea, Kristi worked to develop Diamond K's signature Fudge O' Bits, which come in unique flavors and are enrobed in rich chocolate.

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Seattle Chocolate Co.

Seattle Chocolate Co. started in 1991 with its famous meltaway truffles and truffle bars, and after an earthquake destroyed their original factory, Jean Thompson took on the helm as CEO. Today, the brand is still renowned for its innovatively flavored truffles, as well as the jcoco line, which specializes in elevating the chocolate-eating experience while giving back. Try both—you won't be disappointed.


Sweet Jules

Sweet Jules was created by sisters Jule Vranian and Hope Klocker, who grew up in the restaurant business, and joined forces to offer customers exquisitely crafted caramels. Their award-winning products all put a unique twist on the classic chewy treat, from Fleur De Sel and Chocolate & Sea Salt flavors to Bananas Foster, Sicilian Orange, Beer & Pretzel and Apple Spice. With 10 flavors to choose from, there's a little something there for everyone.


Numa Foods

Numa Foods is another incredible mother-daughter candy brand, developed by Jane Zhuand and her daughter, Joyce. Joyce was born with an autoimmune disease that limited the foods she could eat, so Jane developed healthier versions of some of her childhood favorite candies from Shanghai, China, to satisfy her daughter's sweet tooth. The result is creative Asian nougat taffies and bars made with healthier, natural ingredients.

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FAVES is the brainchild of PurePlus+ co-founder and CEO Amy Keller, and it's one of our favorite brands on this list because of its awesome environmental impact. That's because FAVES makes their candies using fruits and veggies that would have otherwise gone unharvested. They're individually wrapped like a strawberry Starburst, but inside, you actually get all of the benefits of pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, carrots and beets. Every serving of FAVES offers a full serving of fruits and veggies, all while tasting like a sweet and tangy strawberry candy, and we seriously can't stop eating them.


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