All the Chocolate Brands You Should Definitely Know This National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day is today, Oct. 28, and if you're anything like us, you'll honor the occasion by savoring one of nature's greatest offerings: chocolate.

Of course, a big day like today deserves something a little more special than what you'll find above the check-out line at the grocery store. We are all about brands that craft exquisite specialty chocolates, and we've had the privilege of trying out the best of the best. Want to celebrate with us in the best way? Here are our very favorite chocolate brands you should definitely know this National Chocolate Day.

Askanya Chocolates

If you're all about dark, pure chocolates, you have to try Askanya Chocolates. They're Haiti's first (and only) premier bean-to-bar chocolate company, using only Haitian cacao, grown by a network of more than 3,000 Haitian farmers, to make their rich bars. We particularly like their ultra-dark, slightly citrusy Lime Chocolate bar—and the fact that buying from them directly supports the farmers who make these bars possible.



When we think about specialty chocolates with truly unique flavors, Omnom is one of the first brands that come to mind. The Reykjavík—based chocolatier makes their bean-to-bar chocolates with single-origin cacao sourced from the best growers around the world and enhanced with natural Icelandic milk powder. Whether you're looking for a bar from Madagascar, Tanzania or Nicaragua, or you're seeking unique flavors like Black n' Burnt Barley or Lakkrís + Sea Salt, they've got you covered, and you're going to fall in love.


John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolate started off as a small chocolate factory off Sunset Boulevard, but their offerings quickly helped the brand grow into an award-winning national brand. They're best known for their unique and varied collection of truffle fudges, but if you're a chocolate-lover, chances are that they make something that's exactly to your tastes. We especially love the chocolate skulls they serve up every Halloween.



jcoco is a chocolate brand under the umbrella of Seattle Chocolate, but since they offer up something completely different, we basically consider them different companies! jcoco specializes in chocolates that elevate the chocolate-eating experience with chocolates made with Peruvian cacao and crafted with a local Peruvian chocolatier. Their boxes include instructions on how to fully experience your chocolate's taste, smell, feel and look. They also have everything from ultra-dark single-origin chocolate bars to chocolates flavored with cayenne and veracruz orange, edamame and sea salt or Himalayan salt and toffee, and every flavor is as good as the next.


Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolate, on the other hand, tends to focus on more traditional sweet and festive flavors. Their signature truffle bars happen to be our favorites, with creamy truffle centers and unique flavors. Whether you'd prefer Candy Cane Crunch, Holiday Spiced Nuts, Apple Pie a la Mode or Campers' S'mores, you're sure to have your sweet tooth satisfied.


Tony's Chocolonely

If you care about where your chocolate comes from, you have to check out Tony's Chocolonely. This unique chocolate brand doesn't just sell chocolate—it's also their mission to educate consumers about where their chocolate comes from and the fact that some chocolate giants don't source their chocolate humanely. Tony's Choclonely vows to be 100% slave-free while offering mouth-watering Belgian chocolate at great prices.


Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Adventurous chocolate-lovers must try Phillip Ashley Chocolates, developed by Memphis, Tennessee-based chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix, also known as the "Real Life Willy Wonka." His signature truffles truly are a sight to behold, offering 24 unique flavors with gorgeous designs and unique fillings. Have you ever heard of a French bleu cheese or Caribbean hot sauce truffle? They may sound strange, but the flavors are out of this world.



Vosges is another luxury chocolate brand that has to be on your radar if you're chocolate-obsessed. The brand is all about curating unique experiences and includes guides on how to properly enjoy the whole sensory experience of eating chocolate. They also have incredible holiday truffle spreads using flavors you're unlikely to see anywhere else. Not every chocolate brand is daring enough to put wasabi and curry in their chocolates, but Vosges makes them work to a beautiful effect.


Biens Chocolate Centerpieces

Biens is a brand that specializes in chocolate centerpieces, making them amazing for parties or celebrating special occasions. And they don't only look super cute—they taste amazing, too. With chocolate coating in white, milk and dark varieties and centers that resemble the gooiest, softest brownies, it's impossible to eat just one. It's a good thing these centerpieces have plenty to go around.

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