25 Goodies You Should Pamper Yourself With This National Comfy Day

National Comfy Day lands every year on Feb. 20, which means it shares a date with President's Day this year. Could there be anything better than celebrating this holiday with a day off?

We are big believers in indulging in all things comfy and cozy in order to practice a little self-care, from pampering ourselves with dreamy skincare to making our spaces as comfortable as possible with the best soft and soothing pieces of decor. Feel like it's time to spoil yourself a bit? Keep scrolling for all of the items you need this year.

Everviolet Calla Modal Kimono With Lace: $130

When we're dedicating an entire day to self-care, we love being able to put on our comfiest robe and simply lounge around in it all day long. This Calla Modal Kimono With Lace from Everviolet was designed for comfort as well as elegance, with ridiculously soft and breathable modal material and gorgeous sleeves with scalloped lace. It also has deep pockets (a must!) and a tie waistband to accentuate your figure.

Everviolet Calla Modal Kimono with Lace

(via Everviolet)


Bumpas Shin Shin: $45

Who doesn't love a good cuddle? Bumpas are innovative new weighted plush figures from the co-founder of Uglydolls, using three pounds of distributed weight to deliver pressure stimulation that calms the body and mind, relieving stress and improving sleep. Its weighted arms can latch onto you for great hugs, and they come in four different color schemes so you can nab your favorite (ours is the purple and green Shin Shin) or snuggle with all four.

Bumpas Shin Shin

(via Bumpas)


Garnet Hill Cashmere Slides: $99

There are few things we love more than casually strolling around the house in extra-comfy slippers with absolutely no responsibilities, and you won't find a better pair of house slippers than Garnet Hill's Cashmere Slides. The look is simple yet totally classic, with cozy cashmere keeping your toes toasty and a padded footbed for all-day comfort. While all four styles are fabulous, the Scarlet Red Cable design really has our hearts.

Garnet Hill Cashmere Slides

(via Garnet Hill)


Hasu Day Pack: $4.50

If you need a little help setting aside time for mindfulness practices during the day, give Hasu and their unique 3D-printed micro-meditation tablets a try. The sugar tablets are formed into the shape of beautiful lotus flowers (infused with ginger, mint and vanilla flavors) to create a rich meditative experience, with instructions printed right on the packaging. Simply pause and ground yourself with breathing before placing it on your tongue and being mindful of the flavor and mouthfeel as it dissolves. The process takes just a minute, but the effects can be profound, and pave the way for even deeper meditation.

Hasu Day Pack

(via Hasu)


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Morphée Zen: $79.99

Ready to get serious about meditation and relaxation? The Morphée Zen is a stone-shaped device featuring 72 different guided meditation and relaxation sessions, as well as nature sounds and relaxing music, for deep calm, wherever you are. You just have to charge the device and plug in headphones to get started, and we especially love that it's not a connected device, which is a major advantage if you're like us and tend to get distracted by your phone screen using meditation apps.

Morphée Zen

(via Morphée)


Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket: $159

There's something about a big blanket that feels so much cozier than a small one, and Big Blanket Co. knows a thing about that. Their Original Stretch Blanket is 10 feet by 10 feet, and made with a blend of polyester and spandex so it keeps you warm and comfy without making you feel overheated. It's also the perfect size for sharing with the ones you love most, whether it's time for snuggles or an all-day Netflix marathon.

Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket

(via Big Blanket Co.)


Pretty Rugged Marine Faux Fur Long Lap Blanket: $150

And if the previous option seemed like overkill, here's a smaller but much more rugged option. Pretty Rugged's Marine Faux Fur Long Lap Blanket is actually designed for the great outdoors for those of us whose happy places are outside. It's built to keep out the elements, keeping you warm with both rainproof and windproof material and a soft faux fur texture, so you can be comfy no matter where you're headed.

Pretty Rugged Marine Faux Fur Long Lap Blanket

(via Pretty Rugged)


JIGGY x Halogen Ventures Puzzle: $40

Our idea of a great time is cozying up under a blanket and spending all day solving a puzzle, and this JIGGY x Halogen Ventures Puzzle will keep you busy. The 500-piece puzzle's art was inspired by frustration around inequality, created by artist Megan Roy in collaboration with Jesse Draper, founding partner of Halogen Ventures, which invests in women and co-ed-led tech companies. Its message speaks volumes—and proceeds will be donated to Project Glimmer and other orgs supporting women.

JIGGY x Halogen Ventures Puzzle

(via JIGGY)


Renude Chagaccino 10-Pack Box: $29.99

We consider sipping on any tasty drinks to be a powerful form of self-care, but Renude Chagaccino isn't just delicious—it makes you feel great, too. The powder is a unique mix of adaptogenic chaga mushrooms, Peruvian cacao, Ceylon cinnamon and sweetener, so you can add yummy chocolate-cinnamon flavor to your favorite coffees, teas and more to create jitter-free energy, focus and calm. We love that taking care of yourself can taste so good.

Renude Chagaccino 10-Pack Box

(via Renude)


YES Cacao Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate: $3 for $27

And if you're not in the mood for a drink, YES Cacao's Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate brings you a powerful blend of adaptogens in the form of a boldly flavored chocolate bar. It's dark without any bitterness, with a smooth taste of nuttiness and vanilla as it uses a blend of GABA, turmeric and kava to create a state of calm and peace. We also recommend nibbling a bar before bed to clear the mind of stress, making for faster, better sleep.

YES Cacao Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate

(via YES Cacao)


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Karma and Luck High Awareness Feng Shui Tourmaline Stone Tree: $125

We always find it helpful to surround ourselves with pieces that act as reminders of gratitude and mindfulness, and Karma and Luck's High Awareness Feng Shui Tourmaline Stone Tree never fails us. The tree of life symbolizes grounding and growth, while the tourmaline stone leaves in pinks, blacks, greens and yellows remind us of the unconditional love and friendship in our lives and how important it is to nurture them.

Karma and Luck High Awareness Feng Shui Tournaline Stone Tree

(via Karma and Luck)


Bushbalm Nordic Dry Brush: $21

Part of getting comfortable with yourself is loving the skin you're in, and one our favorite ways to promote radiant skin is with a dry brush like this Bushbalm Nordic Dry Brush. Use it before you shower to brush away rough, dry skin and even your skin's texture, leaving it smooth and soft, and ready to be cleansed.

Bushbalm Nordic Dry Brush

(via Bushbalm)


Marbela Cosmetics Peach Mango Shower Fizzies: $15.99

Love the smell of body washes with delicious fragrances, but not what they do to your skin? Skip the harsh ingredients with Marbela Cosmetics' Peach Mango Shower Fizzies, which go on the shower floor, slowly dissolving under the flow of the water to release their effervescently fruity smell, without the need to put anything on your body.

Marbela Cosmetics Peach Mango Shower Fizzies

(via Marbela Cosmetics)


Somebody Jasmine Hydrosol: $12+

We can't be the only ones who consider a great skincare routine to be a form of mindfulness and meditation, and it all starts with an amazing toner, like this Jasmine Hydrosol from Somebody. Hydrosols are also known as "flower waters," using natural ingredients to balance and repair skin, as this gorgeously jasmine-scented option can be used to tone or set makeup, and is also a go-to for refreshing the face throughout the day.

Somebody Jasmine Hydrosol

(via Somebody)


Rainbow Beauty Restored Bundle: $192.60

If you frequently find yourself dealing with dry and dull skin, Rainbow Beauty's Restored Bundle is a great three-in-one next step for your beauty routine. It includes the jelly-like Tighten Mask, reducing damage as well as wrinkles with red algae and AHA's, the glycolic acid and bakuchiol Glow Serum for exfoliation and brightening and the Hydrate Serum, with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 for plumping and moisturization. Together, they work to cover all the bases and create firm, dewy skin.

Rainbow Beauty Restored Bundle

(via Rainbow Beauty)


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Averr Aglow Discovery Glow Mask 3-Piece Kit: $79

If your skin is acne-prone, however, you may want to head in a different direction with Averr Aglow's Discovery Glow Mask 3-Piece Kit. It includes a Green Juice Mask, Vitamin C Mask and Acai Mask, targeting dark spots, acne and irritation, working both to heal damaged skin and prevent future acne with antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal ingredients, without being harsh on the skin.

Averr Aglow Discovery Glow Mask 3-Piece Kit

(via Averr Aglow)


EVER Revive Intensive Eye Lift With LSR10: $55

When our undereye areas look tired, it makes us feel more tired, which is why a great eye cream, like EVER's Revive Intensive eye Lift With LSR10, is essential. The three-in-one formula has a thick, creamy feel that takes no time at all to tighten and brighten undereye bags, leaving the skin firm and hydrated, and perking us right up.
EVER Revive Intesive Eye Lift With LSR10

(via EVER)


Supernal Cosmic Stone Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha Tool: $68

Even if you don't quite believe that gua sha helps to move your energy properly around the body, you can make use of its benefits for firming and brightening skin, relieving tension and reducing inflammation with this stunning Cosmic Stone Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha Tool from Supernal. Results are clear after a single use, and this tool is light, smooth and cool, making the practice simpler than ever.

Supernal Cosmic Stone Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha Tool

(via Supernal)


Rebels Refinery Skull Lip Balm: $6

Chances are that you already have dozens of lip balms lying around, but does your balm make you feel powerful? We adore this Rebels Refinery Skull Lip Balm because the hot pink, skull-shaped container is instantly iconic, and nothing makes us feel cooler than pulling it out for application. Lucky for us, it also has a great formula, blending coconut and sweet almond and lavender oils to soothe and moisten lips. It also comes in Fruit, Mint and Vanilla flavors to suit your tastes.

Rebels Refinery Skill Lip Balm

(via Rebels Refinery)


Vitamasques Instant Lip Filler Micro-Dart Patch: $7.99

If you're going for a plumped lip look, Vitamasques Instant Lip Filler Micro-Dart Patches are here to make your day. Each patch includes a blend of vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid and plant-based EGF, delivered into the skin through 400 painless dissolving micro-darts, so you can get plumper, fuller lips in just half an hour.

Vitamasques Instant Lip Filler Micro-Dart Patch

(via Vitamasques)


LAPCOS Revitalizing Beauty Pack (4+1): $17

And for further soothing of the skin while you relax, there's LAPCOS's Revitalizing Beauty Pack, featuring a Milk Feel Exfoliating & Cleansing Pad for a powerful yet gentle cleanse, as well as four amazing masks. Whether you're looking to brighten, moisturize, nourish or detox, this kit has you covered—and we also recommend using one each night until they're gone to get the most of all of the benefits.

LAPCOS Revitalizing Beauty Pack (4+1)

(via LAPCOS)


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Dalmatian Fruity Spot Stickers: $14.99

If you've ever been jump-scared by your own pesky zit, we hear you. Pimple stickers have become our favorite way to deal with unwanted spots, and Dalmatian's Fruity Spot Stickers are the perfect blend of hard-working formulas and serious cuteness. These hydrocolloid patches zap moisture from zits, reducing irritation and bumpiness, as well as preventing further damage, but the best part has to be that they're stylish enough that we'd never be embarrassed to be seen in them.

Dalmatian Fruity Spot Stickers

(via Dalmatian)


Ourself Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50: $75

Yep—even if you're not leaving the house, you should be wearing an SPF to protect your skin—and Ourself's Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is everything we want in a sunscreen. It leaves absolutely no white cast, with a texture like a creamy moisturizer and skin-friendly ingredients that make for firm, supple skin, so you'll hardly even know it's on.

Ourself Mineral Suscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

(via Nordstrom)


Sweet Bee Organics Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter: $33

If your struggle with a busy mind keeps you up most nights, a lack of magnesium might be to blame—and Sweet Bee Organics' Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter is here to save the day. The formula is thick and rich with a soothing lavender scent, melting into liquid when it touches the heat of your skin, and it only takes a small amount on the feet and calves to make a real difference to sleep quality. After integrating it into our nighttime routines, we've never slept better.

Sweet Bee Organics Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter

(via Sweet Bee Organics)


NAKED Cashmere Love Eye Mask: $85

And if light is another factor hindering your sleep, you can banish it with this cute and comfy NAKED Cashmere Love Eye Mask. It's lined with skin-friendly silk on the side touching your face, while the padded panel is made from pure knitted cashmere, allowing you to drift to sleep in style. You can also rest easy knowing that for every eye mask sold, NAKED Cashmere is donating $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

NAKED Cashmere Love Eye Mask

(via NAKED Cashmere)


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