18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're a Girl Scout

It's National Girl Scout Day and we're celebrating by breaking into a box of cookies—or two, or three.

While people nationwide can enjoy the delicious seasonal snack of GS cookies, it's safe to say that there are a fair share of truths you can only understand if you took the Scout's Promise.

If you've been a member of the Girl Scouts, you'll relate to the following truths below:

1. Mother-daughter events come in all functions and sizes. From mother-daughter tea parties, to glamping and all of the dances and roller skating in between.

2. While any non-Girl Scout is familiar with a graduation or promotion ceremony, only a seasoned GS will be familiar with bridging over to her new level. Bridging ceremonies, as you know, involve a tiny bridge that we all individually walk across to signify our "crossing-over" into the higher level.

3. Being envious of the troop members whose parents worked at big companies and could get hundreds of signatures for cookie orders all in one day.

4. Tabling-up outside of grocery stores to sell even more cookies. Why did it always seem to be windy and freezing on these days?

5. The second you trade your Brownies uniform for the green Juniors get-up, the little Brownies suddenly look like babies. But you're not a baby Brownie anymore, you're a pre-tween Junior.

6. You never had to fear an uncomfortable sitting-surface because, voila, you made sit-upons—that little portable handmade cushion that was supposed to justify your troop always sitting on hardwood floors.

7. Girl Scout camp was pretty much like Camp Walden from The Parent Trap, though we never met our long-lost twin sister and we realized that there was a lot more structure to the days than Hallie and Annie seemed to experience.

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8. Visiting senior citizens at retirement communities for events like sock-hops and Valentine's Day parties. You always sort of dreaded this day, and yet it always turned out to be a lot of fun.

9. If your troop leader was also your mom, that meant that ALL OF THE COOKIE ORDERS CAME TO YOUR HOUSE. This was the biggest exercise in self-control you've ever experienced.

10. SWAPS. SWAPS allll day long. Often these small tokens consist of stringing tiny beads onto safety pins, but really whatever craft you can fasten to a pin will do just fine.

11. A friendship "circle" could mean many things, but to a Girl Scout, it means standing in a circle, crossing your right arm over your left, and passing a friendship "squeeze" onto the girl next to you. Ahh, the circle of friends—it has no end!

12. Trying to watch each squeeze pass all the way around the circle. You know you do this, admit it!

13. When you were younger you may have divided your friends into "silver" and "gold" based on the GS song lyrics, "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold." We all take things very literally as Brownies.

14. Getting a new badge was one of the best moments of your young life. Again, we aren't supposed to be competing here, but we all know we tried to have the most badges in our troop.

When you've done so much as a Daisy that you have to extend your vest! #gogetter via @girlscoutshnc

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15. You've been in your fair share of parades. If you got to toss candy from the float, you always tried to aim for your friends and family watching from the sidelines.

16. You have gotten pretty tired of explaining over and over again that certain cookies are no longer available. Now, what'll it be: Thin Mints or Caramel deLites?

17. Any article of clothing that can be tie-dyed, has been tie-dyed. From shirts down to socks.

18. You may not be school friends with some of your troop members, but you'll always have a special bond with these girls after all of the adventures you've shared together.


Even though you're a dedicated Girl Scout, you may not know all of THESE interesting facts about the famous seasonal cookies.