Do You Have As Much Hamburger Day Pride As Cara Delevingne?

Today, May 28, is National Hamburger Day, so it's time to indulge. These stars are all about their hamburger love, so join them in the celebration!

It's safe to say that model Cara Delevingne has more hamburger-themed clothing than the average gal.

Laura Marano has admitted she's more of a fan of hot dogs than burgers, but she did star in this Burger King commercial when she was little.

Katy Perry totally devoured that Big Mac.

Jessie J isn't afraid of ruining that perf manicure with her cheeseburger.

The "Bad Blood" music video cast wrapped things up with burgers and shakes from In-N-Out.

It seems Taylor Swift has always been an In-N-Out junkie. 

Christina Perri also has a few pieces of burger apparel in her closet.

Becky G showed her burger pride with her style.

Bella Thorne even chows down on a cheeseburger in the hair and makeup chair. Totally fearless.

Who's your biggest burger day inspo? Tell us in the comments!