We'll Help Find Your Perfect Hat Style For National Hat Day!

Happy National Hat Day! National Hat Day falls on January 15 every year, reminding us all that hats are the perfect complement to any outfit! Hats are stylish, keep you warm and prevent anyone else from knowing it when you're having a bad hair day!national hat day hat styles

But certain hats don't suit just anyone. Have you ever struggled to find a hat that fits your personal style needs? Whether your fashion sense is more girly, sporty or bohemian, we've got some designs that you will love for Hat Day! Pick your style and find your perfect hat!


Some of the most classic millinery looks (that's fancy talk for hats!) are the most feminine. If that sounds like your style, these girly hats, featuring great textures, bows and ribbons, can do you no wrong!national hat day girly

1. We love equestrian style brimmed knits, like this blue one from Backcountry. They look fantastic with a pair of loose pigtails!

2. You can add a bow on top of any solid colored beanie for a uniquely adorable effect

3. You can never go wrong with a classic sun hat. They look fabulous in white, and the broader, the classier!

4. If sun hats offer too much brim, try the ultra cute cloche style, like this asymmetrical purple cloche hat from John Lewis.


Do you prefer something practical over something cute? If your style is more laid back and fun, take a look at these sporty hats!national hat day sporty

1. Snapbacks are a great addition to any outfit! Snapbacks featuring bold text are a fun way to show off your personality and sense of humor.

2. Printed snapbacks are another great way to spice up your look! We love them in flashy florals.

3. This season, military styles are making a mark. Try adding an army aura to your look with a cute military cap! These are great in lots of colors, but beige and olive are the classics!

4. Knit caps pair well with every style, but they're a must-have for any sporty closet! You can instill your own fun flair into the style with additions like this chain embellished look.


If your style is more bohemian or hipster, you're in luck when it comes to head wear! Some truly unique hats fall into these styles!national hat day boho

1. If this sounds like you, you'll definitely want a wide-brimmed fedora, like this red one from San Diego Hat Company, in your arsenal. We love the tribal hat band! These hats look great with flowing maxi dresses, or jeans and a blazer.

2. If you're looking for something a bit more feminine, floppy wide-brimmed hats are a great choice.

3. You can never go wrong with the right beanie! For those of you with a boho flair, we suggest fun animal-themed caps, like this raccoon hat from Monsoon!

4. This red cloche hat is reminiscent on the 1920s. It pairs perfectly with an outfit that's slightly retro and cropped hair that peaks out from under the brim!

Let us know your style and your favorite hat from that grouping in the comments below! You can also share your own favorite hat looks with us  at Sweety High!