Drool Over These National Pancake Day-Inspired Recipes

It's National Pancake Day and we're ready to celebrate.

Pancakes are on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner today, and we're getting inspired by some of the most mouthwatering stacks of flapjacks we've ever seen. Scroll below and get to flippin'!

Guys !! Who says that nutella & pancake are delicious ??

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1. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Need some additional deliciousness to accompany your PSL? How about a pumpkin spice pancake recipe topped off with some crushed walnuts and a nice long pour of maple syrup. Voila: You've got yourself a breakfast of champions!


2. PB&J Pancakes

Is it lunchtime already? These cakes may look like they're smothered in sweet and nutty goodness, but they're actually healthy! Well, healthier. 


3. Classic Buttermilk

Umm… pillowy clouds of buttermilk goodness? Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a classic like this. Topped with a nice big slab of butter and you are in for a major food coma. Calling my mom ASAP to whip up her famous recipe.


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4. Pac Man Pancakes

My only complaint with this impressive stack is that someone took a huge chunk out of them! I'll have the missing slice on the side, thank you. You may have been told not to play with your food as a kid, but these pancakes do it for you.


5. A La Mode

These pancakes come a la mode—which is just a fancy way of saying with a side of ice cream. These decadent cakes are sweetened with a bunch of blueberries and scoops of lavender ice cream. And with that, we have another basic food group covered for the day. ????

Blueberry pancakes w/ lavender ice cream ⚪️????⚪️???? (????: @ladyardii)

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6. Bacon Strips

What's breakfast without a side of bacon? These cakes combine savory with sweet in every bite. If my mouth wasn't watering before…

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7. Cupcake Topper

Definitely going to serve these cute cakes up for dessert! These teeny silver dollar pancakes layer beautifully on a maple syrup muffin top. Now, is this still finger food?


8. Pancake Sandwich

Here we have a breakfast pancake sandwich with two fluffy cakes in lieu of bread. This is the perfect method for bringing the breakfast treat to all of your other meals. Maybe try substituting pancakes for other sandwich faves, like a classic PB&J or banana and honey.

No better way to start off a Friday than with a pancake sandwich #pancaked (????: @lastname.ip)

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9. Funfetti Pancakes

The ultimate form of celebratory cake is Funfetti. Whether National Pancake Day falls on your birthday or you just want to celebrate the glory that is breakfast food, add a little sprinkle to your batter for some festivity.

Food goals #funfettipancakes

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10. Pancake Pops

This is a fun new take on cake pops. Smother your mini cakes in Nutella and add a wooden dowel. This way you can take your pancakes on the go or hand them out to friends. What's more beautiful than a bouquet of pancakes?

Guys !! Who says that nutella & pancake are delicious ??

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11. Harry Potter Pancakes

One of the most impressive things we've seen is pancake art. These hot cake artists can draw just about anything with batter. These Harry Potter pancakes are truly something magical.
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