Sweet and Savory Pie Recipes to Bake This National Pie Day

It's National Pie Day and there's no better way to celebrate than by getting your Martha Stewart on and baking a pie or two.

Not sure which pie to make? We've got you covered with these nine sweet and savory recipes below:

Maple Bacon Breakfast Pie

Start the day off right by whipping up this savory pie for breakfast. Consisting of bacon, eggs, cheese and hash browns, it'll definitely hold you over until lunch time rolls around. Follow the instructions HERE to make this bad boy.

Maple Bacon Breakfast Pie

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Cold Brew Coffee Pie

Wash your maple bacon breakfast pie down with a nice slice of cold brew coffee pie. Even better, it's prepared with an Oreo cookie crust. Yum! Find the recipe HERE.

Cold brew coffee pie

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Baked Spaghetti Pie

For lunch or dinner, baking this spaghetti pie seems like the way to go. All you really need is a lot of spaghetti and a ton of cheese, and you're basically set. Find the full recipe HERE.

Baked spaghetti pie

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Cannoli Pie

There's no better dessert to pair with your baked spaghetti pie than a cannoli pie. We don't know about you, but that chocolate drizzle has us drooling. Follow THESE instructions to craft this delicious delight.

Cannoli pie

(via Gluten Free on a Shoestring)


Frito Taco Pie

If you're not a fan of spaghetti, this taco pie might tickle your fancy. It's basically a ginormous version of a taco, and who doesn't dream of devouring something like that on the daily? Get the instructions and ingredients for this recipe HERE.

Frito taco pie

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Samoas Pie

Inspired by the best Girl Scout cookie around, this pie is made with cream cheese, caramel, chocolate and coconut flakes. You can find the full list of ingredients and instructions on how to create this beauty HERE.

Samoas pie

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Pineapple Pie

Looking for a pie that's a little bit lighter and fruitier? You've come to the right place. This pineapple pie is basically what dreams are made of. Follow the recipe HERE to satisfy your tastebuds ASAP.

Pineapple pie

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Funfetti Cake Batter Cookie Pie

Put some "fun" in your day by baking this delicious and utterly adorable funfetti cookie pie. Find the recipe HERE.

Cake batter cookie pie

(via Crazy For Crust)


Butterbeer Pie

Harry Potter fanatics, you absolutely must make this Butterbeer pie! Made complete with edible gold sprinkles and a lightning strike, this dessert is simply magical. Make it HERE.

Butterbeer pie

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