It’s National Pink Day, and—rest assured—we’re thinking nothing but pink.

Ideally, if it were up to us, the whole world would be this shade because it’s the most cheerful color around.

Need proof? Take a peek at these 16 rather ordinary food and drink items that look extraordinary when they’re colored with our fave hue!

Ahh, the power of pink. ????

Pink Burgers:


Pink Sushi:

Behind the scenes with @juniperwoodkitchen today ???????? #pinksushi #sushitime #behindthescenes

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Pink Latte:


Pink Chocolate:


Pink Cookies:

Hot pink out of the oven! #pinkcookies #pink #glutenfree #glutenfreecookies

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Pink Pizza:


Pink Hot Dog:


Pink Bagels:


Pink Water:


Pink Popcorn:


Pink Deviled Eggs:

I call these #protectyourmagic eggs ???? .. check out my cooking page .. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it —-> @cookingwithkader

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Pink Pasta:

Uhhm no there are no E Numbers in my pink ravioli! #pinkravioli #pinkfood #ilovepink

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Pink Brownies:


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Pink Candy Apples:


Pink Oatmeal:


Pink Tea:


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