These Songs MUST Be On Your National Repeat Day Playlist

Today, June 3, is National Repeat Day! While there are some things you should definitely try not to repeat, like a year of school, we're celebrating National Repeat Day with the tracks that we just haven't been able to take off repeat. Did yours make the list?

"Bad Blood" – Taylor Swift

Dark, yet catchy, with a hook that won't ever leave your head. Plus we could watch the music video on repeat for the rest of time.

"Fight Song" – Rachel Platten

It's the ultimate pump-up song. If you need a little inspiration today, this is the song to play again and again and again.

"Turn Me Up" – Alex Angelo

Put this one on if you're looking to fall in love! 

"Stitches" – Shawn Mendes

In the opposite of a loving mood? "Stitches" is the perfect angsty track, turning heartbreak into something that can move and empower you.

"All Night" – R5

If you're going to put any R5 song on repeat, it might as well be one that's totally new to your ears. "All Night" is anthemic and perfect to bob along to.

"Photograph" – Ed Sheeran

"Photograph" is the ultimate lullaby, but if it's not nap time just yet, it can also serve as the soundtrack to some nostalgia and time for deep thoughts.

"Fire N Gold" – Bea Miller

Need another track to get your blood flowing? "Fire N Gold" reminds us we're all capable of huge things. Play it and get out there to do something big!

"Flashlight" – Jessie J

This one's a little sad and slow until it builds up into one of the most powerful choruses ever. Plus, it's from Pitch Perfect 2, so we're totally emotionally attached.

"Black Magic" – Little Mix

"Black Magic" is all about how a little self confidence can help you get everything you've been dreaming about, and that's definitely a message we're taking to heart this summer.

"Rascal" – Skylar Stecker

We dare you not to move when "Rascal" is on. It's a must for any dance party playlist.

"Lovin' So Hard" – Becky G

"Lovin' So Hard" is definitely about Austin Mahone… But it's perfect whether you've got your own mega crush on Austin or you've got another special someone on your mind.

Which songs are you playing on repeat today? Tell us in the comments, and share the tracks with us at

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