18 Dreamy Products You NEED This National Sleep Month

March is National Sleep Month, and with many of us losing an hour of sleep to daylight saving time, there truly isn't a better time to start practicing good sleep hygiene and working toward better rest every night.

While we wish we could share a singular fix for great sleep, we find that maintaining a consistent pre-bed routine and having a comfortable and relaxing sleep environment is the key to success. Keep scrolling for 18 products that have been helping us get great sleep this month.

Snow Fox Sleepy Ceramides Goodnight Skin Set: $110

It can be tough to put away our phones and turn off the TV a full hour before bedtime, but we find that making a luxe pre-sleep routine makes the process a lot easier. For us, that begins with a nighttime skincare routine, and Snow Fox's Sleepy Ceramides Goodnight Skin Set was made for just that purpose. The set consists of a facial cleansing oil, essence and sleeping mask, all with a soothing lavender scent for bedtime, and with ingredients designed to nourish the skin while you snooze.

Snow Fox Sleepy Ceramides Goodnight Skin Set

(via Snow Fox)


LOOPS Dream Sleep Mask: $5 for $35

And for those nights your skin needs a little extra love (and when you want to feel extra-pampered), we recommend LOOPS Dream Sleep Mask as the final step in your natural skincare routine. This two-piece sheet mask is loaded with a rich slugging serum packed with vitamins and antioxidants, designed to wear for 10 soothing minutes before bed, with its hydration benefits continuing while you sleep.

LOOPS Dream Sleep Slugging Mask

(via LOOPS)


NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep 3-Wick Scented Candle: $55

Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for calming the mind before bedtime, and this Perfect Night's Sleep 3-Wick Scented Candle from NEOM is designed with rest and relaxation in mind. Light it before bedtime to diffuse its 19 luscious essential oils into the air, creating a space fragranced with English lavender, jasmine, sweet basil and more, before blowing it out. Together, they work to create the perfect environment for sleep.

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep 3-Wick Scented Candle

(via NEOM)


inHarmony: Music Meditations App: $7.99 per month/$79.99 per year

Meditating before bed can create a powerful sense of calm and relaxation that makes it much easier to fall asleep at night, and inHarmony's Music Meditations App will take your practices to the next level. The app features more than 100 tracks encoded with vibroacoustic frequencies that ground the body and mind, giving us the best brain tingles while guiding our focus and mindfulness. Whether you frequently meditate or are new to the process, this unusual music will take your practices to the next level—and help you get the rest you deserve.

inHarmony: Music Meditations App

(via inHarmony)


The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal: $31.90

Journaling is another of our favorite methods for emptying our minds and prepping ourselves for great sleep, and Habit Nest's Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal will help you establish the best nighttime routines. Their guided prompts help you better understand yourself and build healthy habits in a guilt-free format. And once you've filled in the whole journal, you can take what you've learned and keep building on it.

The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal

(via Habit Nest)


YES Cacao Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate: $3 for $27

If you're the type of person who needs a bit of external help getting relaxed in time for bed, YES Cacao's Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate may be just what you need. This unique chocolate is infused with adaptogens, including GABA for quieting the mind, blue lotus for relaxation and joy and kava to reduce anxiety and boost mood, making it the ideal pre-bed nibble. It also has a nutty, creamy flavor that'll keep you coming back night after night.

YES Cacao Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate

(via YES Cacao)


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Bloom Nutrition Sleep Well: $28.99

And for further relaxation thanks to natural herbal ingredients, we love Bloom Nutrition and their Sleep Well capsules. They use a blend of chamomile, valerian root and lemon balm for plant-powered relaxation, helping you get to bed faster without grogginess from other ingredients your body doesn't need.

Bloom Nutrition Sleep Well

(via Bloom Nutrition)


Hum Nutrition Beauty zzZz Gummies: $26

If you struggle to sleep at night, you may need a pre-bed supplement that packs a bit more punch, and you'll find it in the form of Hum Nutrition's Beauty ZZZZ Gummies. In addition to including soothing botanicals that will help you calm down and relax before bed, the feature melatonin, a hormone that promote more restful sleep, and which becomes even more effective with regular use. It also has gut-healthy prebiotic fiber to support good digestion, and with its yummy blackberry flavor, you'll look forward to incorporating it into your sleep routine.

Hum Nutrition beauty zzzz gummies

(via Hum Nutrition)


Sweet Bee Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter: $33

If you deal with restless legs syndrome, magnesium butter should be part of your nightly routine, and Sweet Bee's Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter is our all-time favorite. The thick balm melts in the hands, and when applied to the bottoms of the feet and calves, helps our legs relax, enabling us to sleep longer and more deeply. Plus, its gentle lavender scent will put you into just the right mindset for bedtime.

Sweet Bee Organics Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter

(via Sweet Bee Organics)


Patet Goddess's Slumber Gift Set: $80

Patet Goddess's Slumber Gift Set combines a number of bedtime essentials into one bundle, making it the perfect gift for yourself—especially when you haven't been getting the best sleep. The Ivory Satin Sleep Set contains a hair- and skin-friendly satin pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchie, while the Hydra Aromatherapy Lavender & Chamomile Pulse Point Balm preps the mind and body for sleep and the It's Always Bedtime Mug is just the thing for sipping your favorite caffeine-free sleepytime tea.

Patet Goddesss Slumber Gift Set

(via Patet)


Gooseberry Intimates Peony PJ Set: $99

We always sleep better when we're wearing the right pair of cute and comfy PJs, and it doesn't get much better than this set from Gooseberry Intimates. It's made from a soft jersey cotton, combining a button-down shirt and relaxed-fit shorts for a look that's cozy yet chic.

Gooseberry Intimates Peony PJ Set

(via Gooseberry Intimates)


MeUndies Mickey & Minnie Unisex Hooded Modal Robe: $88

Robes are another ridiculously comfy nighttime essential, and we love the unisex hooded modal robe options from MeUndies. The sustainably sourced beechwood fiber makes for a ridiculously soft and breathable fabric you'll never want to take off, and there are few things more darling than this official Mickey & Minnie pattern.

MeUndies Mickey & Minnie Unisex Hooded Modal Robe

(via MeUndies)


Cariloha Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set: $149+

It's hard to describe just how big of an impact a great set of sheets can have on your sleep, and after switching to Cariloha's Classic Bamboo Bed Sheets, we don't know if we'll ever go back. Not only is the bamboo material super sustainable, but it's softer than cotton, managing to keep us warm in the winter months and cool during the summer. This set also includes one flat sheet, two fitted sheets and two pillowcases to cover all of your bases.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

(via Cariloha)


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Drowsy Sleep S.O.S. Pillow Spray: $39

Pillow sprays are another important part of our nightly rituals, and if you can only try one, make it Drowsy Sleep's S.O.S. Pillow Spray. It uses natural oils to create a moody yet natural scent that first smells like lavender before the other warm and floral notes and the woodsy base come through. After regular use, you'll start associating the great fragrance with sleep, making it easier than ever to doze off.

Drowsy Sleep S.O.S. Pillow Spray

(via Drowsy)


Warmies Curly Purple Eye Mask: $19.99

Not only does this Warmies Curly Purple Eye Mask block out light for better sleep, but it's also slightly weighted and designed to either be microwaved for warmth or chilled in the freezer, depending on what will better aid your sleep. It's also cute and fuzzy, as well as scented with real French lavender.

Warmies Curly Purple Warmies Eye Mask

(via Warmies)


Bumpas Lucky: $45

If you find it soothing to hug a stuffed animal while you sleep, you might get even more out of a weighted stuffed animal, like the funny bunny-shaped Bumpas. These stuffies have a plush exterior and weighted arms designed to give realistic hugs, creating three pounds of weight for deep pressure stimulation. We find that this makes us feel safe and calm—and gives us great sleep. Plus, who can resist the pink and red color of the Lucky Bumpas?

Bumpas Lucky

(via Bumpas)


Baloo Living Weighted Blanket: $179+

For a slightly more grown-up weighted option, we adore the weighted blankets from Baloo Living. The throw blanket weighs 12 pounds, offering the restful weight we love while being light enough to tote from the couch to the bed. The cotton exterior of the blanket is also cozy and soft, and it comes in four colors to suit your style.

Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

(via Baloo Living)


Pillow Cube Sidekick: $49.99

Last, but certainly not least, you need a great pillow for a great night's sleep, and as side sleepers, we swear by Pillow Cube's offerings and their reliable yet inexpensive sidekick pillow. This rectangular pillow is small yet mighty, with a shape designed to support the head and neck of side sleepers to align with the spine. It stays cool and keeps its shape, making it sleep's best friend.

Pillow Cube Sidekick

(via Pillow Cube)


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