These Chakra Sunnies Will Bring Calm and Cool Into Your Eyewear

Now that it's officially summer, we're ready to welcome National Sunglasses Day!

We all know that sunnies are a major fashion statement of the summer, but beyond that they help keep our eyes protected and comfortable through the long days.

Zen30 is a sunglasses line that's taking eyewear care up a notch by pairing the seven body chakras with color therapy to help balance our moods.

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Each shade of sunnie promises to alter your mood based on the color that shines through your eyewear. All of the glasses are $20 a pair and come in two styles, round or square. If you aren't sure which chakra is running on empty, take THIS quiz to see which of your seven areas could use a realignment.

Scroll below to shop the colorful and calming shades:

Root Chakra: Red

This cherry red shade is located at the base of your spine or tailbone. If you're in need of stability and grounding, these are the glasses for you. The bright red will aid your stamina and help boost your sense of independence and energy. This sounds like the perfect pair for any student leaving behind their hometown for college in the fall.

Red root chakra suglasses

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Sacral Chakra: Orange

Your sacral chakra is found in your abdomen, just below your belly button. It may not surprise you that this fun pop of color helps stimulate creativity, optimism and openness. Wearing this pair of sunnies every day will help you find acceptance for new people and experiences.

Orange sacral chakra suglasses

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Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow

You will find this chakra in your stomach. The yellow hue is said to increase intellect, a sense of humor and self-confidence. This chakra gives a whole new meaning to the belly laugh as, according to the study of chakras, it's our solar plexus that carries these feelings of lightness and fun.

Yellow solar plexus, stomach, chakra suglasses

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Heart Chakra: Green

It'll come as no surprise to anyone that the heart chakra aids in love. Located in—you guessed it—the heart (or technically just above it), wearing these green glasses will also help promote balance, harmony and acceptance. If you're in need of some good old fashioned peace, don these sunnies every day.

Green heart chakra suglasses

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Throat Chakra: Aqua

We're loving that the throat chakra sunnies come in aqua as this pair supports our ability to communicate. Under the sea Ariel vibes, anyone? Located in the throat, this chakra is associated with self-expression and truth. The aqua blue color is just a major bonus.

Aqua throat chakra suglasses

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Third Eye Chakra: Indigo

Your third eye is located on your forehead, just between both of your eyes. If with our two eyes we see all of the little pieces, then it's with the third that we are able to focus on the big picture. These deep blue sunglasses will help inspire intuition, self-awareness and inner strength. This pair is great for anyone struggling with difficult decisions this summer.

Indigo third eye chakra suglasses

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Crown Chakra: Violet

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, or the crown. This chakra helps us connect to the universe, promoting imagination, meditation and self-knowledge. If you score overactive in the root chakra, it's likely you'll need to grab a pair of violet sunnies to gives you a little less stability and a little more openness and freedom.

Purple heart chakra suglasses

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