National Teacher Appreciation Day Is Here!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day! Today, teachers across the nation are recognized for their hard work and the contributions they've made to the community by helping to educate students everywhere!

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In honor of the day, here's a list of some of our favorite fictional educators from over the years.  Join us at and tell us about some of your favorite teachers, real and fake!

Mrs. Frizzle
"The Magic School Bus" book series and TV show always made us wish that our school had a magically educational bus! Mrs. Frizzle was lively, fun, and best of all, informative! She taught her students as her adventures took her students through space, time, and the human body.

Ms. Frizzle is celebrated on National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Miss Honey
In Roald Dahl's "Matilda" and the film based off of it, Miss Honey is a caring and sweet teacher who recognizes Matilda's potential even when her own family doesn't. Miss Honey's protection keeps Matilda safe from her terrible parents and an even worse principal. We'd all love a teacher like that!

Miss Honey  is celebrated on National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Professor McGonagall
In the Harry Potter book series and films, Professor McGonagall is a slightly strict but always fair professor. She teaches transfiguration, or the art of turning objects into other objects, and can even turn into a cat! Her loyalty to Harry, Ron, and Hermione proves to be a great asset to them, and she always fights for the side of good!

Professor McGonagall is celebrated on National Teacher Appreciation Day!

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