Nationwide Divergent Tour: Meet The Cast!

The Divergent cast are gearing up to head out on a nationwide Divergent tour staring March 3, giving fans across the U.S. and Canada a chance to meet the stars and author Veronica Roth!Nationwide Divergent Tour

Roth as well as cast members of the upcoming film Divergent will attend red carpet screenings across North America starting on March 3 and ending on March 6!

The tour will stop through Atlanta, Orlando, Washington D.C., Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis, Toronto, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Phoenix, Miami and Seattle!

Attendees will get the chance to meet the people who made the new Divergent film possible and be among the first people to see the movie!

Check out the dates, locations and stars in the list below, and click here for more details on how to participate!

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March 3 

  • Atlanta: Shailene Woodley & Theo James
  • Orlando: Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort
  • Washington DC: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer
  • Denver: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen

March 4 

  • Chicago: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort & Veronica Roth
  • Detroit: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer
  • Dallas: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney
  • St. Louis: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen

March 5

  • Toronto: Shailene Woodley & Theo James
  • Minneapolis: Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort
  • San Francisco: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer
  • Phoenix: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney
  • Miami: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen

March 6

  • Seattle: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney