Naytra Couture Is One-of-a-Kind, and So Are Their Popular Tops, Tunics and Scarves

Luxury brand Naytra Couture, Naytra meaning "eyes" in Hindi and Sanskrit, is a female-made and run collection that showcases their one-of-a-kind wearable art inspired by Madhubani paintings.

Each piece is unique and made of 100% pure mulberry silk, and hand-crafted by talented Indian women. Doing their part to preserve the earth by promoting slow conscious fashion and using eco-friendly packaging as well.

With every purchase, Naytra Couture also ensures that part of its profits go toward curing blindness, therefore allowing customers to give the gift of eyesight. Naytra is a brand that deserves recognition for giving back to others and creating beautifully handmade pieces—and here's what we're absolutely loving from the brand.

The Products

Nirvana Scarf: $250 

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev is one of the many to wear one of Naytra's stunning designs. "Nirvana" means "the final liberation," and this scarf features images of birds, flowers, red lotuses and fish. The colors complement and contrast each other perfectly to create this beautiful scarf, which is great for a beach look or as an accent piece that will definitely turn heads.

Nina Dobrev - Naytra Couture

(via Nayta Couture)


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Maya Yaatra Blouse: $450

This off-the-shoulder blouse comes in various vibrant colors and has a fun, loose fit. The hand-made piece has flown sleeves, side slits and features elephants, fish and floral designs. The blouse would look great with black slacks for a professional look for the office, or paired with more casual bottoms for a night out.


(via Nayta Couture)


Paripurna Prithvi Tunic: $450

Paripurna is the perfect tunic for spring. "Paripurna" is Sanscrit for "complete," and this unique tunic manages to be comfy while maintaining a fabulous and flattering fit. Its eye-catching colors and designs were created with care and made to look great with jeans, shorts, skirts—you name it. Paripurna will be a great addition to your wardrobe for brunch or a nice dinner.


(via Nayta Couture)


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Prana Scarf: $250

The unique scarf can be worn in an endless number of ways, as a head scarf, around the neck, as an accessory or even as a cover-up top. With a quick Google search, you can discover all of the super cute ways to wear this gorgeous scarf. "Prana" translates to "life force," meaning that there is one life force flowing through our energy channels, particularly through breath, and we love the way that concept is worked into the bold design.


(via Nayta Couture)


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