25 Standout NCT 127 Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Captions

Formed in 2016, NCT 127 is one of several units under the NCT moniker.

The ever-evolving, multi-talented K-pop group knows exactly how to draw us in with each comeback by trying something new. Most recently, the group released their new album, 2 Baddies, which has us even more excited about seeing them in concert next month. This new album continued with the standout lyrics NCT 127 is becoming known for, which is why we think their lyrics make perfect captions for Instagram.

For a music-centric post:

"What's your favorite playlist?"



To encourage growth:

"Don't stay the same."



For sticking with your own style:

"Rock what you work with, don't fake."

-"Music, Dance"


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For when love feels timeless:

"You make time stop."

-"1,2,7 (Time Stops)"


For a rainy day:

"Rain rain like a filter."

-"Black Clouds"


For when you want an escape:

"Let us go to another planet."

-"Crash Landing"


For when you yourself are even surprised by your power:

"Am I that powerful?"

-"Mad City"


For when you manifest your dreams:

"I had a dream of this spot."

-"Running 2 U"


For when you're enjoying life:

"Life is beautiful."

-"Dreams Come True"


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For when you're focused:

"My focus clear as day twenty twenty."

-"Love Song"


For a style switch-up:

"Let me introduce you to some new thangs."

-"Kick It"


For a little self-glorification:

"You might want to be me though."

-"My Van"


For taking credit for your success:

"I did it all by myself."



For when you want to be mysterious:

"What should I do?"



For when you're feeling adventurous:

"When I'm with you danger seems like a good thing."

-"Baby Don't Like It"


For when you want to flex your confidence:

"Can't stop me, can't stop me."



To show how fast your life moves:

"Step up if you can keep up with me."

-"Good Thing"


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For your early morning food post:

"Now breakfast time."



To show your resilience:

"I don't quit."



For when you're remembering being in love:

"Memories of love."



When you crash a party:

"Come through unannounced."

-"What We Talkin' Bout"


For when you need relationship status reassurance:

"You'll always be my favorite."



For when you accept a dare:

"Yea, there is no fear."



For a shades-on, laidback post:

"Simon says be cool."

-"Simon Says"


For when you're in for a good time:

"As high as we can get, as loud as we can get."



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