Sick of Tangled Necklaces? Allow Us to Introduce You to Necklet

I'm a sucker for jewelryespecially when it comes in the form of layers.

Layering necklaces has become somewhat of an art, but I've never managed to keep them in order all day long. Something always gets tangled, setting me on edge. Seriously, I can't think of anything worse than sitting at my desk, trying to untangle three necklaces!

Lucky for me, the team over at Necklet reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their signature necklace clasp, made for layering necklaces. I obviously said yes, and after trying it out for myself, I truly don't know how I ever survived without it. Look below to find out all about Necklet and my experience with the brand and its products!

The Brand

Necklet was made for people like me who love to layer their necklaces. I absolutely despise having to put on and take off necklaces. It takes forever and is so hard to do with a manicure! But with Necklet, the brand aims to make the whole process easier. They have clasps available for one to three necklaces, which is all you really need.


The Products

Triple Layering Clasp: $42

To start things off, let's begin with the triple layering clasp Necklet sent me. Available in gold, rose gold and silver, this can hold up to three necklaces and is made with a magnetic clasp. It's sweat and water-resistant, meaning you can work out and shower in it! I've personally done both and haven't dealt with any problems.

If I'm not wearing a necklet, showering and working out simply aren't an option. My necklaces instantly get tangled and messed up. Now that I do have the Necklet, though, it's made my life a million times easier. I can sleep with it and don't need to worry about the strong magnets coming apart.


(via Necklet)


Mykonos Necklace: $48

The first necklace in the stack Necklet sent me was in their Mykonos style. This super dainty herringbone-style chain comes in gold and looks good on its own or paired with other necklaces. And since I love layering, this one makes for a good base. It's simple but will catch your eye, while it also won't overpower your whole ensemble.


(via Necklet)


Maldives Necklace: $48

The next necklace Necklet sent me was the Maldives necklace. Also in gold, this necklace comes in the form of a zipper chain. It'just different enough from the Mykonos style to give it some edge, and I love the subtlety it gives off. I love wearing this with other necklaces but would definitely reach for it solo if I were ever on the hunt for something dainty with a punch.


(via Necklet)


Fiji Necklace: $68

Last but not least in the lineup of necklaces was the Fiji style. This one is obviously the boldest out of the three and happened to be my favorite. Made with oval links, this necklace gives off a killer look. Not only is it amazing on its own, but it'also great with the Mykonos and Maldives necklaces.


(via Necklet)


The Necklet Briefcase: $90

All of my necklaces and the clasp arrived in this briefcase. It'really just a jewelry holder but is so much better than other ones I've seen in the past. This ensures that necklaces don't get tangled and makes it super easy to travel with. There are six "pages" to organize your jewelry, which is more than enough if you ask me!


(via Necklet)


Bottom Line

All in all, I'so happy with my goodies from Necklet. And while I haven't yet tried any of my own necklaces on the clasp (just the Necklet brand ones), I'm looking forward to getting the chance to. If you're sick and tired of dealing with messy necklaces, I honestly couldn't recommend Necklet enough!


(via Necklet)


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