Nectar Bath Treats' Sweet Dreams Gift Set Is Just the Thing for Your Pre-Bed Bath Ritual

When I'm having a stressful week, few things help me calm down, let go and relax before bed like a sleepytime soak in the bath.

And I find that when I can take a bath that doubles as aromatherapy, I get an even better night's sleep. That's what immediately drew me to one of Nectar Bath Treats' latest releases, their Sweet Dreams Gift Set, full of deliciously scented bath products designed especially for nighttime routines.

When the team behind the brand asked if I'd be interested in reviewing, I just had to say yes—and here's what you can expect from the experience.

The Brand

Nectar Bath Treats specializes in handmade bath and beauty products that are as fun as they are functional. They're well-known for their adorable soaps, bath bombs and more shaped like sweet treats, and pretty much every product on their roster is Instagram-worthy, in addition to smelling incredible and working beautifully. They also utilize simple and clean ingredients inspired by nature in every one of their products, making them safe as well as effective. Their Sweet Dreams Gift Set retails for $75 and comes with a pillow mist, whipped soap, sugar body scrub, shea body butter and two bath bombs.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams set

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


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The Gift Set

Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

Since I don't always have the time for a thorough bath ritual before bed, my first experience with the Sweet Dreams scent was with the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist, and I'll have to admit that it caught me off guard, at first. When anything has a scent associated with sleep and rest, I assume it's going to be lavender, and this mist definitely wasn't that.

Instead, the Sweet Dreams scent combines chamomile and violet for its sleep-inducing effect. It's a bit earthy, with just a hint of floral, and it definitely gets the job done. However, my husband isn't a big fan of the scent, saying it smells like plastic to him. I kind of see where he's coming from, but mostly, I love the way this spray smells and how I now associate it with bedtime and having lovely dreams. The majority of the Sweet Dreams set also utilizes the same smells, so if you don't like this one, chances are that you aren't going to like the rest, either.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams pillow spray

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


Sweet Dreams Whipped Soap

cannot get enough of Nectar Bath Treats' Whipped Soaps, and this Sweet Dreams-scented variety was no exception. The soap's texture is so light and fluffy, with a creamy, moisturizing texture when applied to the skin. The chamomile and violet fragrance seemed a little subtler in this soap than it did in the lotion, and left me only gently scented with the smell after my bath—and that suited me just fine.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams Whipped Soap

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


Sweet Dreams Sugar Body Scrub

The Sugar Body Scrub, again, featured the same Sweet Dreams scent, but this time, in the form of a deeply exfoliating sugar body scrub. I love this one for clearing away dead skin and cleaning pores before shaving, especially because the tight structure of the sugar in the scrub isn'too abrasive. It left my skin so shiny, smooth and smelled delicious, too.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams sugar scrub

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


Sweet Dreams Shea Body Butter

Nectar Bath Treats' Shea Body Butters are extra-thick, ultra-moisturizing body creams that are the perfect salve for dry skin. After I dry off from my baths, I slather it all over before slipping into my pajamas, and I wake up with the softest, smoothest skin. This may not be everyone's favorite approach, but for me, it's a fabulous end to my nighttime bath ritual.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams shea body butter

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


Midnight Moon and Dream Cloud Bath Bombs

I saved these bath bombs for last because there's not one, but two, in the pack. My favorite surprise was discovering that the Midnight Moon bomb didn't fit the pattern of the other products in the kit with the Sweet Dreams scent, and instead had a fresh and fruity smell, with a hint of florals. When I dropped it in the bath, I could immediately feel how luxurious and moisturizing the bathwater had become, also transforming it into a soothing purple-grey color.

And while the Dream Cloud Bath Bomb did have the more familiar Sweet Dreams scent, it was just as relaxing and hydrating. It made the water an opaque white and was just the thing for winding down for the night after a long day.

Nectar Bath Treats Sweet Dreams bath bombs

(via Nectar Bath Treats)


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Bottom Line

If nighttime baths are the cure for your insomnia, I can't recommend adding the Sweet Dreams Gift Set to your ritual highly enough. While you can only use the bath bombs once each, the soaps, butters and sprays will last and last, meaning many nights of great rest. I will say that the Sweet Dreams scent itself might not be for everyone, but those who like it will love it, and while $75 may be more than some are willing to pay for a bath set, it really is worth every penny.


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