9 Memes You'll Relate to If You Need Constant, Unceasing Attention

We don't need that much attention.

We just get deeply annoyed if we're ignored for five minutes. Or even five seconds. Okay, so maybe we do need a lot of attention.

If you can relate, keep scrolling for nine memes you'll relate to if you need constant, unceasing attention.

1. We're sorry we ever judged you, Tink:


2. Shall we go on?


3. Goodbye, cruel world:

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4. We don't care how 'busy' you are, isn't that clear?

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5. You're missing out!

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6. Okay, we lied:

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7. And even that might not be enough:

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8. Please give it to us, thank you:


9. This is definitely how we're going to go:


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