7 Things You NEED to Understand About Your Aquarius Crush

Oh, Aquarius.

They're one of the most progressive, benevolent signs in all the zodiac, but they're also just plain bad at feelings.

If you've found yourself crushin' on a Aquarius, you've probably already noticed their aloof and unemotional personality. But have no fear, there's much more to Aquarius-born than a terrible fear of expressing their feelings.

If you want to make things work with your crush, keep scrolling for seven things you need to understand about Aquarians.

1. They Need Time Alone

Aquarius-born are highly adaptable and socially-minded people. They genuinely enjoy time with their friends, and they can adjust to a variety of energies, so it's easy to assume that they're social butterflies who crave time with other people. However, Aquarians actually need a fair amount of alone time. They value the opportunity to disengage from the world and focus on their needs, in order to recharge their batteries and greet the next social situation with renewed energy. They're not necessarily introverted, but they definitely value time by themselves.


2. They Need to Be Intellectually Challenged

Like all air signs, Aquarius-born value mental stimulation. This a sign filled with deep thinkers and intellectually-minded people who crave a mental challenge. They value people who can meet them on their same plane of knowledge, and who will provide different points of view for them to consider. Without an intellectual challenge, Aquarians will easily become bored and disinterested, leading to conversations that lack the energy that Aquarius-born are known for.


3. They Value Independence

Aquarius-born are known for being the most committed humanitarians in the zodiac. Uranus is their ruling planet, which gives them a unique ability to understand the needs of other people and what should subsequently be done in order to bring equality and success to everyone. That means that Aquarians see each person as a separate entity, all of whom deserve complete freedom and autonomy. This a sign that deeply values independence because they see it as a crucial right on the path towards equality for all.


4. They Need Time to Get Close to People

Although Aquarians run in the opposite direction as soon as something even resembles emotional expression, they're actually highly sensitive people. They equate being close to someone with being vulnerable, and they require a lot of trust before they're willing to open up. Time and patience are all you really need to get close to an Aquarius. They're not one to spill your secrets to you during the first conversation, but as your relationship progresses, they'll become more and more comfortable discussing the more private parts of their personality.


5. Mood Swings Aren't Uncommon

Due to their mentally-focused nature and their struggle to connect with their feelings, Aquarians do have a tendency to get trapped in their own heads. Although they don't get hurt easily, they are especially sensitive to anything that challenges their sense of respect or loyalty. They have a tendency to become detached and distant as they ponder their own problems, only to return to their quirky, energetic personality without any warning. Mood swings are quite common for this sign, which can make them even more difficult to connect with.

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6. Emotional Connection Will Always Be a Struggle

If you want to be with an Aquarius, you simply have to accept that emotional connection will always be a struggle. Aquarians are independent people who struggle with accepting how they feel—no matter how well you get to know them, that will always be true. Even though you may begin to understand them, their internal feelings will always be in flux and expressing their thoughts to you will always be a struggle. It doesn't mean they care about you any more or any less, but it does mean that you might not always feel an easy, natural connection with this sign.


7. They Value Loyalty

Even though Aquarians struggle with emotional connection, they're also a sign that deeply values loyalty. There's nothing they wouldn't sacrifice for the people they love, and they have no issues committing to one person, as long as they feel that person is right for them. They value the freedom to live their own life, but they expect allegiance from the people around them. They're a sign you can trust, even if you might not always understand them.



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