6 Things You Need to Understand About Your Taurus Crush

Taurus-born are almost exclusively known for their stubbornness.

However, there's a lot more going on under the surface of this responsible zodiac sign.

If you've found yourself crushing on a Taurus, you're probably struggling to understand who they are at their core. Well, the stars might have some insight.

Keep scrolling for six things you need to understand about your Taurus crush.

They Can Be Materialistic

Taurus is an Earth sign, which gives them a special connection to the material world. While they're practical and grounded, they also have a bit of a materialistic side. They tend to judge the success of themselves and others using money and wealth as a barometer. They're far from shallow, but they can be a bit caught up in possessions and affluence from time to time. They appreciate the finer things in life, and they have no trouble making that known.

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They're More Reliable Than Stubborn

Taurus gets a bad rap for being a stubborn sign. However, if you look at the underlying thoughts behind their actions, they're really less stubborn and more reliable. Taurus isn't an impulsive sign. They'll never act on a whim and they really think through all their choices. Therefore, when they make a decision, they feel that they have to stick to it, no matter what else might come up. They're not trying to be difficult—they simply understand the importance of devotion. It can be annoying at times, but it makes them incredibly dependable people.


They Take Their Time With Dating

Taurus-born aren't always the most comfortable when it comes to sharing their feelings. They'll show you they care through action, but they're unlikely to verbally express their emotions. What's more, they're quite a slow-moving sign when it comes to dating and relationships. They need a safe environment before they're comfortable opening up and expressing themselves. That means it could take months or even years before your Taurus truly develops feelings for you. They'll often start with friendship and move at a snail's pace towards a relationship, giving very few indications of their feelings along the way.

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They're Loyal

Whether it's a friendship or a relationship, once a Taurus decides to commit to you, they're pretty much on board for life. Taurus-born are incredibly loyal people. They won't invest their time and energy into any kind of relationship, only to drop it as soon as things get tough. Your Taurus is undoubtedly someone you can rely on for years to come, especially if they've let you into their inner circle.


They Don't Like Criticism

Taurus-born are pretty confident in who they are. They know they put a lot of thought into their actions and decisions, so they generally believe they're right, no matter what other people might say. Taurus-born are patient, but they definitely don't take criticism very well. They feel that it challenges their authority, as well as their personal character. It might take a while for your Taurus to realize that criticism can be helpful, if they ever realize it at all.

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They're a Voice of Reason

While Taurus-born definitely have negative traits, just like any other sign, they're also a practical voice of reason in most situations. Despite their stubbornness, you can rely on Taurus to consider all sides of a problem from an unbiased perspective. If they have an opinion, they should be listened to. They're often the logical voice of reason that most people need in their lives. You might have to put aside your pride to realize it, but Taurus can have valuable insight into many difficult situations. And thankfully, they're more than happy to share.


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