Need You Right Now Shows Off Bethany Mota's Music Talents!

Who knew Bethany Mota was a beauty, dance AND music guru? Earlier this week, Bethany released her first single ever, "Need You Right Now" and it's been a huge hit!need you right now bethany mota

"Need You Right Now" features fellow YouTube sensation singer-songwriter Mike Tompkins. It's a song about heartbreak with a great electronic sound!

Bethany Mota decided to release the track early and fans have already gone crazy about it. The song even managed to briefly make it to the top of the Billboard Trending 140 chart!

We're also super obsessed with the lyric video for the track, featuring the most amazing domino display we've ever seen, created by YouTuber Hevesh5! Bethany knocks over the first domino, setting the whole chain reaction in motion!

If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out, below! Motavators can also join our community at Sweety High and check out more Bethany Mota stories below!