Nellie the Otter Stacks Cups- Video Pick Of the Day!

Nellie the otter stacks cups!

Nellie the otter does a smart cup-stacking exercise in this adorable Video Pick Of the Day! Watch her little paws move!

Sea otters are super intelligent creatures, and are one of the only animals known to use tools. They float on their backs and place rocks on their chest, then smash shellfish against the rocks to break them open and get to the yummy food inside.

Otters can also wrap themselves in kelp as an anchor so they don't float way while they sleep.

Otters joined crows, certain primates, elephants, dolphins, and octopi in the club of animals that use tools. Humans are also a part of that group!

Otters also have playful personalities, which lends to their creativity. Their love for playing combined with their use of tools makes this cup-stacking game a perfect challenge for Nellie the otter's wits!